Sunday, February 28, 2016

You may have noticed that my pictures of the supporting characters here at The Carlisle Connection have changed! It is a shock to me every day how they have grown and become such good, compassionate and wonderful people. Still a work in progress....but getting closer every day. Our goal is to raise self sufficient hard working adults. It's a process.
I took this picture the day before The Future Trooper graduated from basic training, August 2014.
He was so excited and ready to go as I cried like a fool. He turned to me as he got in the van to take him away and said, Don't cry Mama, smile and wave goodbye."  Song reference anyone?
Anyway, it was incredibly hard to wait for his calls and letters. Big Daddy knew what was going on at basic and found my misery mildly humorous. This "child" who never liked to read or write stories wrote wonderful detailed letters to us as well as his grandmother and great-grandmother.
I cannot describe how proud we were when he graduated from basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, 35 years after his dad did the same.
I have always thought our boys resembled me more and Little Girl looked more alike her dad and his people. This picture may have proved me wrong. Just maybe..
The Future Trooper is now an active member of ROTC and a Criminology major with a minor in Military Science. He is a good student and is on track to graduate a semester early. He saved his money from basic and bought himself a new car...a story for another post.
I'll be back soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well...hello there

It appears spring may have come to our little corner of the universe.  I was a perfect 70-ish degrees today and we needed every degree of it (Carol Burnett reference...anyone?) We have all been cooped up and cranky with each other...since Fall...even the bird has been crankier than usual.  I little sunshine even perked him up a bit.

As the blog states this is intended to give you random bits from our busy family. Here goes random:

1.  Future Trooper joined the Kentucky National Guard in October and we are all planning for his trip to South Carolina for basic training. It will certainly be a tough day but a wonderful step in achieving his goals.

2.  Sister is (at least) 5 feet 8 inches tall and still has flaming red locks and a spicy sense of humor and sassy attitude.  She is consumed with friends and volleyball.  She is really enjoying reading the classes...not.

3.  My baby boy, AKA, The Angel is involved in nearly every activity that comes his way. His brother takes him to Boy Scouts, which they both love.  He is also involved in archery.  In a tournament today he shot all 7's and 8's...I know NOTHING about archery but that seems pretty good for a fella with little stick arms.  He has also competed in academic team, and basketball and will start soccer in the summer. He has an incredibly messy room and every friend is described as "My best friend."

4. Big Daddy works, of course, and fixes stuff we break and occasionally has time to work on his own projects.

5.  We have grown by one guinea pig since I updated the pet list...and the bird, or course.  If you have never owned a bird you will not know how humorous it is to hear a bird yell, "STOP IT" in your voice. I had no idea how many times I say "SHUT UP" to my dogs in a days time.  Now Heckle does is for me.  Cracks me up every time!

6.  I have been working a couple days a week with my second family and enjoy every day.  I worked there in high school and through college and it came back pretty quick. It is even the very place I met Big Daddy.  Awwwww......25 short years ago!

That about gets you caught up from the last post.  I'll try to do better and look forward to filling you in on basketball and spring and life's other important issues.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ta da!!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with my $70 bookshelves! Just a little sanding, priming and pink glossy paint and Ta Da! The rest of the room is almost done....the TV is leaving....Big Daddy calls it the 72 Plymouth model.  I am going for the 2013 model next.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrapbook room

Ok, so, one of the reasons we bought this house is because it has so many dang bedrooms. Yes the heating/air is crappy, insulation is nonexistent .......but there are 5 bedrooms plus a bonus room. That can only mean one thing...I can have a craft room! Until now, one of the two bedrooms on the main floor has been my craft/scrapbook room. The bonus room has been a playroom and the other bedrooms are WELL, bedrooms! 
The playroom seemed like a great idea! The kids would hang out and watch tv and keep their crap up there. Sounded good..didn't happen.  It became a catch all for crap. Fast forward...the bonus room is being transformed into a new craft and the old craft room will be a game room until we can come up with something better anyway.
My point?  Like the rest of the world I am obsessed with Pinterest. I have an entire board labeled scrapbook/craft room. Here are my faves. Hopefully one or two will show up in my new room.
Okay, SO, my current desk is the white one from Pottery Barn.  I love it and it wasn't cheap so it will stay. My color scheme will remain the same as current.  The walls are turqoise and the accessories are pink and black with silver lamps, etc.  I LOVE IT.  Big Daddy is shocked that anyone would want THAT color on their walls, but....WHATEVER.
I love the large "island".  I am looking for something that will sit in the middle of the room and is all enough to stand and work comfortably.  The chair, you say?? What's not to love! Stay tuned. Big Daddy is getting ready (any minute) to lay the wood floor....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The States

I just sent these babies on a transport to their forever homes!  We will certainly miss them.  They are Cali (California), Maryland, Arizona and Georgia.  Georgia was my favorite, she is the tri color one. 
Fostering is HARD but so very rewarding. "The States" were skinny and a little skittish when we got them and now they are well fed and social.  I'll miss the girls!
Every time I get new fosters someone ask,"What breed are they?"  I reply,"Ummm, I didn't know their parents but my guess is...."  This time was tricky.  Cali had two blue eyes and Arizona had one blue and one brown. BUT, Maryland and Arizona had shorter legs and short tails...then there was Georgia!  I would guess Aussie/ Jack Russell/ Neighbor Tri-Color Dog is their heritage.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips for Dog Owners!

Hello people!
After 4 months I am preach!

I am frustrated and (frankly) tired of people making unedicated and DUMB choices when it does to pet ownership. So, here tips to consider BEFORE getting dog. I volunteer with a dog rescue group but every single tip here is my own...blame me!

1. BEFORE you get a dog consider the breed standard.  The AKC website is a good place to do some research.  For example, the standard will tell you a border collie needs to be kept busy.  They are not good apartment dwellers with little exercise!

2. Size matters!  If you want a giant breed, spend time with one before you get one.  A great dane puppy is adorable but in about 8 months they are the size of a grown person.  If you don't have the room to house a GROWN PERSON, don't get a dane.  Plus, if you have a limited budget or an aversion to poop, pick another breed.  I have had two danes that I loved dearly; I know from which I speak.

A tiny dog has issues, too.  One cannot expect an animal with a little TINY bladder to not potty frequently. They need to eat tiny meals throughout the day and ,therefore, potty throughout the day.  If you are dedicated to feeding and taking outside, a tiny dog may be okay.  I have a friend, Shirley, that has a little yorkie and she (faithfully) spends her lunch hours at home with her.  She feeds her and gives her the opportunity to potty in lieu of having a lunch with friends.  Shirley is a GOOD dog momma. 

3.  Your local shelter probably has the breed you are interested them and ask.  Don't just stop by and look in the cages---actually talk to someone that works (or better, someone that volunteers there)!  They may know of a dog that really needs a home and would be perfect for your family. A friend recently adopted a 5-6 lb yorkie from our local pound.  A man bought the dog from a breeder and then his kids did take care of it: he ended up at the pound.  He is a wonderful little fella and was given away by people that did not do enough research before buying him.

4. Mutts are good, too.  The dogs I have now are purebred, none of which I paid for...two chihuahuas, two dachshunds and a goldendoodle.  But, my family had the best dog ever and he was a mutt that we spent much time guessing his origins!  Don't overlook the mutts or the older dog.  You aren't a spring chicken either, why do you need a puppy?  My friend, Lynn, and are have decided we like dogs our own speed...a little slower!

5. Designer Breeds...are mutts, too.  Bottom line! Please don't pay $$ for a mixed breed that looks just like the guy at the pound. 

6.  If you are REALLY concerned about your dogs lineage...I'm good with that.  Do your homework.  My friend's family likes a certain breed.  They do a TON of research of the breeder as well as the dogs parentage before buying a dog.  They see the parents and the home the dog was born into. 

7.  Most pet store dogs come from puppy mills...don't believe me?  Ask the pet store where they got the dog...I bet you won't get a reasonable answer.  If they give it to you, visit the home!  Reputable breeders have waiting lists and don't mind you seeing where there dogs are raised. They don't need a pet store to do their marketing, they have standards in owners, too!

8.  If you need to rehome your a rescue. A free ad on Craigslist for your best friend may result in him living the rest of his life as a bait dog or in a lab. 


Monday, December 26, 2011

After Santa

I know I have been a very bad blogger....just busy...all the usual excuses!  Anyway, here are pictures after Santa came!  Thunder tore off some of the paper and several gifts had to be rewrapped and removed from the tree....

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