I don't get it!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 2 comments
I forgot, once again, that I am boycotting everything Oprah and watched her yesterday! It was all about dogs with special talents. Ya'll know how I am about dogs...... Oprah asked the audience if there was anyone who was NOT a dog lover. One lady said,"I am not." Oprah said,"What's not to like?" Anyway, Oprah and I are friends once again.

What's not to like about a dog? My stupid little chihuahuas (they share a brain, taking turns using it) are like little people on speed. BUT, I can go outside for 5 minutes and when I come back in~they are thrilled to see me! The kids don't know I have even left and THE DOGS are glad I am home.

Me? Nothing better than having a dog to cuddle up to.....(OOPS! Except Big Daddy, course) ! Nothing better than the quiet companionship and constant devotion of a dog.

My friend Dr. S has her dogs ASHES sitting on her fireplace mantle. Big Daddy rolled his eyes and said,"No, I am not digging any dog up so you can have fireplace mantle ashes, too." Like I would ask him for help digging them up!

I would be remiss without saying, just for good measure, "Phil, CWT and JPT NEED a dog, or at least a whiney old cat."


Tuesday, December 23, 2008 2 comments
At our house anytime someone says a prayer you will hear Little Girl say,"and God Bless the Soldiers." Don't forget your military people currently serving around the world or their children being without a Dad or Mom at Christmas. Two years ago, we WERE that family and it was incredibly hard on the kids. Merry Christmas! God Bless the Soldiers. Below you will can see how our soldiers spend their Christmases!

The Secret is out!

Monday, December 22, 2008 2 comments
The secret is out! Little Girl got glasses! She got a blue pair and a pinkish/red pair about 10 days ago and was saving them for a surprise! Nobody got worked up enough for her taste though!

Also, we brought the kitty home with us. We named her Holly. There has been a lot of hissing and spitting at our home in the last 36 hours (mostly from the cats)hahahahaha

Okay, anyway~that is the update. OH, and Big Daddy "fixed" my camera much to the delight of MPPoo! She knew I was hoping for a new one!

Big News~sort of

Friday, December 19, 2008 4 comments
We have big news at our house~at least if you are nine years old (hint, hint). We have told local people but the far away people like Mrs. Butterworth and Best Brother in the world and Crafty Nurse wife don't know yet! We are telling them today. It was Little Girls surprise and she is in charge. Skippy and MPPoo, don't tell Mrs. Butterworth if you run into her at Wal-Mart.

Not official yet, BUT, Mrs. Butterworth has promised us a kitten for Christmas. She has one that needs a home. In the last 15 years, she will be about 50th on our list of cats! Long story for another day.

Clarification: The kitten is NOT the surprise! Little Girl has a surprise for Mrs. Butterworth et al. Auntie Granny would tell you that et al means "and all the rest of you-ns"

Yes, Big Daddy knows!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 No comments
What's NOT to love?

My name is Anissa and I LOVE CHUCK NORRIS! If there was a 12 step program for him, I would need to enroll. AND, Big Daddy knows it. When Walker, Texas Ranger first came on TV, I would sit mesmerized as the hour passed and then would sing the theme song as loud as I could muster. Big Daddy would protest by saying, "Please don't sing the theme song" minutes before I belted it out. THEN:

About 11 months into OUR deployment, Big Daddy calls me and says,"Guess who's coming to Kuwait?" I said,"Better be Ashley Judd or such....." he chuckled and said, "No the Texas Ranger is coming to Kuwait. If I have time I will try to get you an autograph. It would probably mean standing in 127 degree heat in combat boots but I will see what I can do."

By this time I was hyperventilating~Chuck Norris just feet from Big Daddy. It was too much for me to take. He then sent me the press release to prove his point. Anyway, I never saw a picture or autograph of Chuck Norris. Any time I ask, Big Daddy says,"His handwriting is remarkably like mine. His signature looks almost like I wrote it." Not funny.

The Scene

Friday, December 12, 2008 No comments
Okay, close your eyes and imagine.......me driving to school. little girl in the back seat reading, Angel in the back seat "playing" a Gameboy and Future Trooper in the front passenger seat. We are listening to XM 35, Holly, All Christmas music~'I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause' comes on....this is the conversation that follows:

Future Trooper: Turn that up, I like that one.

Me (turning up): Yeah, I do too.

FT: Who sings this one?

Me: Michael Jackson

FT: That is a guy singing?

Me: Well, yeah, he was about 5 or 6 years old. He has a great voice.

Long Silence.

FT:Mom? Was Michael Jackson still black then?

Me: Well, yeah, he was black then and he is black now.

FT: I have seen him Mom and he is white. I think he was black until after Thriller. Have you ever seen that video?

Me: Yeah, he was black then and is black now and I have seen Thriller about a million times.

Maybe he was right.
It is a sad life I lead.

My Decorations!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3 comments
Okay, so here they are.....I love the tree. My goal is to cover the green with red and white ornaments. We can't decide if it is 10 or 12 feet tall. These are my special trees. The tree on the left are some of my favorite ornaments that I don't want to get lost on my big tree. The tree on the right is my Army/Police tree. The ornaments are some that Big Daddy brought home from the Persian Gulf.
The mantle. I should take down my carved men from El Salvador but I would miss them...

Jeweled fruit tree in the basket in the family room. It is a flat back tree "teetering" in the big basket.

Desk decorations. Please disregard the thermostat~"someone" didn't plan for the Christmas decorations when "he" placed the thermostat. I have little pictures of my poodle that died 3 years ago. If you have never had a dog for 16 years, you wouldn't understand.

The infamous bowl. The brown ornament with ears and a red/white suit in the left is a chihuahua in a Santa suit. Little Girl has it creeps her out being in the bowl. HMMMM.... OKAY, I lost the picture of the bowl.........

I collect mostly snowman ornaments and this is a really cute one. He is a hard spiky metal though he looks like Qtips to me in the picture.

Miscellaneous Stuff

1. A flaw in the face of perfection! Yesterday I went to lunch with SKippy, which I haven't done in at least 6 months. When we were done, I noticed I have a call from SR at work. She had taken my call from the preschool Angel attends. He had fallen and they were afraid he needed stitches. I went directly there and he was sitting in the office actively bleeding from his mouth. I asked what happened and he said he fell and Ms. Debi said," OH (dramatic pause) MY (longer dramatic pause) LORD." I am sure that was very comforting to a child!! Anyway, I took him to our favorite nurse and she decided to let it heal naturally without stitching it up. After the bleeding stopped it didn't look quite so bad. I took his pic to show you guys and noticed a bruising mark on the other side of his mouth. Wondering out loud, I said,"Wow, the other side looks bruised," Little Girl said,"Or maybe it was the blue sucker I gave him." CLARIFICATION: Aunt Cammy is our "all around" favorite nurse, of course. Lee Ann is our "see way too regularly" nurse. 2. Those wonderful people from RJ Corman Enterprises sent us the most lovely gift. It was a huge box of wrapping supplies. The box was marked "OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS" so we did. I was thrilled with all the red and silver (their signature colors) rolls of paper and ribbon and even some rolls of tape. What a wonderful gift! Thank you RJ Corman! We are praying for you to feel better Mr. Corman.
3. Finally, here is the picture of the chair Little Girl got from her Granny. Plus, two dumb little dogs. She is pretty cute, too. Notice the very not interested Angel watching TV in the background.

I am posting some of my Christmas pic later this afternoon. Please don't compare me to Allison at www.houseofstephens.com

Just for the Record

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 No comments
Just for the record I am NOT the mother that:
1. Pretended that I knew what I was doing when I wrapped my angel's leg in a wash cloth with "Special warm stuff" in it so his little stick leg wouldn't hurt
2. Left the dog food I dropped on the floor in hopes that the dog would help himself. He did.
3. Gave some toys to GoodWill after telling Angel I was just "putting them in the barn" until after Christmas.
4. Bribed Little Girl to read Angel a book so I wouldn't have to climb the steps (my leg hurts, too, maybe I should try the washcloth thing)
5. Secretly wished MPPoo would not make a really cool wreath at church because I was too lazy to go and would be jealous when she told me how cute they were! She did and I was....She knows how I am......
6. Told Big Daddy that it was really my fault that his cat was outside after dark when it was really Future Trooper's fault. I don't like for my boy and husband to be at odds. Thunder was found and no coyotes were in sight and everything turned out well......
7. When Future Trooper told me he might like to be a soldier and said,"Would that be okay with you, Mom" I DID NOT say,"Sure, whatever you want to do is fine with us." Cause it is not and I don't want my baby fighting any wars. I am appreciative that he is brave enough to even consider it though.

I guess that clears that up......


Friday, December 5, 2008 3 comments
I ran across a blog that has succeeded in providing me with much amusement and overall entertainment. I logged on today and she had decorated her house for Christmas! I take pride in my Christmas decorations but am certainly falling short. Go over to www.houseofstephens.blogspot.com and see what my house will look like on Sunday evening (after Big Daddy works all weekend to get us up to par). Add a few dogs and cats plus a hamster for good measure.


Friday, November 28, 2008 3 comments
Granny gave Little Girl the cutest little chair. It is fabric and needs to be recovered. I found these fabrics online. Little Girl's room is in Hawaiian with one wall in lime green (cuter than it sounds). What do you think?

1. Would grow with her and is the most functional, if pink and green can be called functional.

2. The multi color flip flop pattern is really cute.....
3. then the lime/brown combo..

Okay, which choice? I will add a picture of the adorable chair later in the day....


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 1 comment

I have many things for which to be thankful.... here are a few...
1. Big Daddy has a good job that he loves~takes the pressure off me.
2. 3 marginally healthy kids~#1 is sick and currently sleeping on the bathroom floor, otherwise, they are healthy.
3. A good family that is concerned about my "business"
4. Good friends like Skippy and MPPoo
5. XM radio, trivial? maybe~but I love it. Especially channel 35, all Christmas music!!

That is a short list of my blessings......

OHHHH! Little girl and I are making these cookies for Thanksgiving!

Been busy!

Friday, November 21, 2008 1 comment
Sorry for the extended vacation~we have been busy. I hate to hear people say that, cause the fact is---we are ALL busy. Got my almost teenager, who thinks he is grown, to help me get my Christmas tree decorations into the house. I officially have my decorations UP and ready for viewing! Not that anyone has EVER come to view them.....you never know.

The marketing people of the world are getting their wish. Every toy commercial that comes on is followed with Angel saying,"Sissy, would you add that to my list?" She says "Sure" then never does. He doesn't know that.

I will post some pics on Monday, or Tuesday or such


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 4 comments
This is MY car.
This is Big Daddy's car.....

Am I the only one that sees the unfairness in it all? So what if he works 2 jobs and has NEVER taken a sick day and makes about a gazillion times more money than I do....it is still not fair.

100 Posts

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 3 comments

In honor of my 100 posts, I have composed a list of 100 things about me~actually Skippy helped me with the lists and she already knew about 90 of them. How many of these things did you already know about me?

I grew up in a small town.
I bite my nails.
Lived in KY my whole life
I fell out of a moving car as a kid~Mrs. Butterworth yelled AT ME!
Don’t drink coffee, never have.
Married once, still married
Love dogs, all shapes and sizes
Owned Great Danes and Chihuahuas~at the same time
I have a famous cousin~
Own 4 pairs of black flip flops
Got my drivers license the same week my husband got his pilots license!
I have 30some 1st cousins
Love my baby brother.
Don’t eat tomatoes.
I have dozens of pairs of shoes.
Went to the same DR. for everything for 24 years.
Wish I was more like my mother.
Never had a speeding ticket!
Love cucumbers.
Didn’t attend my dad’s funeral
I have never been drunk.
Know all the words to ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’
Got a pony for Xmas when I was a kid.
My mother and step mother have the same first name.
Love Mexican food.
Had arthroscopic surgery.
Baptized in a creek with snapping turtles swimming by! For Real!
Got glasses when I was in the 6th grade.
I wish I would have been a pathologist like Dr. G
Have made tons of scrapbooks!
Love red/white/blue.
I can name every teacher I had from K-12.
Can’t stand the smell of alcohol.
Been to 7 countries
Took French in HS and College.
Had 80’s hair until 1993.
Hate going to the dentist~go about every 5 years!
My mother and grandmother are my best friends.
I read at least 35 books a year~
Dated two guys in HS that had an identical twin.
I have been to Graceland~loved it.
Own a vintage Rock-Ola jukebox
Never bowled!
Love Keith Whitley.
Listen to XM talk radio hours a day!
Registered Democrat (gonna change that!)
Never had a job I loved.
My dogs sleep in my bed.
I could eat Italian food every day.
Have never hit a golf ball.
Love the sunshine.
Have cancer on my back (see previous item)
Had Lasik surgery and am thrilled with the outcome.
I love TV. Don’t go a day without watching some.
Have a grammar compulsion.
Always thought I would have 3 girls.
Have owned over 40 cats in my lifetime.
I married UP~he is too good for me.
My house is a mess.
I have an older sister who is nothing like me.
Owned a poodle for 16 years.
I love long baths.
Boredom is my friend.
Am an aunt to 2 baby boys
I am WAY more tolerant than I once was…..
Proud of my lawman.
Would rather live in the country
Love the smell of hay
I don’t carry any credit cards
Good typist
I quote Barney Fife or Andy Taylor almost every day.
My have known all 4 of my grandparents and 2 of my great grandmothers.
We didn’t eat barbecue when I was growing up.
I have seen 3 or 4 movies at the theatre in the last 10 years.
2 of my 3 kids have red hair
I’m a homebody.
Never mowed grass until I was 38
Have a Diet Mt. Dew obsession.
People person
Talk way to much
Have a business degree.
Never watched an episode of Seinfeld
I like 70’s music more than current music
I want to go to Hawaii.
I nap frequently. Not power naps, either.
Never lived in an apartment.
Love Judge Judy!!
Eat with a big spoon. Can’t stand a little spoon.
Hate cold weather
I have a great dog named Toby Keith Carlisle
I seldom wear yellow.
My piano teacher was Charles Manson’s cousin.
Our daughter was named after a famous person
I collect snowmen
Have lots of regrets
Wish I knew Spanish.
I own a hamster.
I yell at my kids
Still hate to disappoint my mother
I sleep with a blanket no matter the temp.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008 No comments
Dear Aunt Judy,
Oh, thank you for actually siting down and making my beautiful cape. You did a fantastic job. Evreybody thought that it was so cute. You are clearly a profesonal. There were no flaws. It was truely awesome. I can see the hardwork. Well thanks again. I love you!

Little Girl, your GRAND neice


I did something this morning I have NEVER done. I waited in line to vote! I mean, I waited behind 4 or 5 people. As I drove to work I noticed the other voting precincts in town had a line OUT THE DOOR! What a wonderful thing to see on this cool Autumn morning~people waiting to vote. I made my choices, Angel got to push the VOTE button and off we went. Democracy is good.


Friday, October 31, 2008 2 comments
Here are a few of my Halloween decorations from this season. The big bowl stays on the dining room table year round and holds seasonal items. There are the words TRICK and TREAT in the bowl now.

I love the black crow sitting on top of the candle. GEE, wonder why my lampshade looks dusty?

The pumpkins are made out of chenille bedspreads with wooden spools for the stem. Big Daddy's cat, Thunder in the window. He climbs over the black table (knocking off picture frames and decorations as he goes) Apparently he liked the black cat.

My witch hanging on the door.

My new black table and chairs (new to me, at least) with my Longaberger baskets and Hallmark decorations. I love decorating for Halloween.

Mark your calendars, I will be putting up my Christmas stuff on November 22nd. I am ready but the rest of the family is a little reluctant to help BEFORE THanksgiving.


Monday, October 27, 2008 1 comment
As the title says, some of my best friends are democrats! MP Poo is a wonderful democrat friend of mine~we agree on nothing related to politics but she has a GREAT sense of humor. She can laugh at a good cartoon. The truth is, My name is Anissa and I am a registered Democrat! There I said it. I registered a hundred years ago and didn't have a clue about either party and have never switched as my views have become more clear. Anywho, I couldn't pass up this cartoon to help us get through Halloween and the last week of the dreaded election. I am so tired of political speaches and interviews I could just SPIT. Being a southern lady, I will not~least not where you can see me.

Baby O's Big Day!

Friday, October 24, 2008 1 comment
In just a few short minutes from now Sweet Baby O will officially be adopted. He is now 6 1/2 months old and is going to court for the finalization proceedings. He had his hair cut for the occasion and I have heard he was a complete gentleman. With him will be, of course, his mother and father, nana, great-grandparents and family friends. I wish I could be there to see what happens! We love you O! When are you coming to spend the weekend with your favorite cousins?


Thursday, October 23, 2008 1 comment
On the way to school this morning I had the following conversation with my 4 year old Angel.

Angel: Mom, Mom, why do we have hands and fingers?
ME: So we can eat and dress ourselves.
Angel: MOM! I am not a gull (girl) I don't wear dresses.
ME: No you are a boy. But you need fingers to help you get your clothes on.
Angel: But I wear pants and not dresses, right?
ME: Right, pants only.
Angel: But boys need fingers, too, right?
ME: Right.

Here they are!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 No comments
Here 3 of us are on Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom! The other 2 of us are waiting impatiently for the ride to be over. The kids love this ride and it was the first ride we rode at the first park on the first day at Disney. Big Daddy and Future Trooper rode it when FT was about 4 and he was terrified at evidenced by the pictures purchased at the park. They then rode it again when FT was 7 and he was again terrified! This time at 12, he was still terrified. He is brave and will ride anything that Big Daddy will get a fast pass for but he is scared every time. Ask him about riding Expedition Everest!