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This Friday, Amelia will be the cat's meow at school. Brian has offered, after Amelia insisted, to bring a helicopter to school for all the kids to see. Mrs. Key's 3rd grade class gets the first time slot but the other kids are scheduling their times also. Watch for pictures next week.



Sweet Baby Owen, or sleeping baby Owen, is finally getting his own baby shower. May 10, 08 at 12 NOON at Sheltowee Country Club. They have a ton of clothes but still need several other things--they have registed at Target, Wal-Mart and Babies R Us. Jeremy insists on calling it a "Get Together" because he says they don't need any gifts! He obviously is new to baby showers!
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Sweet Baby Boys

Monday, April 21, 2008 No comments
Cindy and Larry seem to be adjusting nicely to parenthood. Kellen looks like a baby doll with such an angelic face!

This weekend was full of baby boys! Cindy and Larry and Kellen spent Saturday afternoon with us at Mom's house. Jeremy and Cammy, Cammy's mother and Owen came that evening! We were blessed with two very different babies to enjoy. Owen is still sleeps a lot and has tiny legs and feet and a headful of hair. Kellen is smiling and has a full face with double chins and little hair!

Doni Flanigan

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As we were waiting at the Louisville airport yesterday we started a conversation with a gentleman that was also waiting. Long story short, he is an up and coming country (ish) star! He is an interior designer to the stars and is hoping for a new career. He is just coming out with an album. He was incredibly gracious to Amelia and she was excited to have her picture taken with him. He waited for her, after his ride came, to give her his new CD. We listened to it in the car and it is great! He sent her a very kind e-mail, via my computer, with a picture of his new album cover. Keep your ears out for Doni Flanigan and the LA Cowboys!

Our new babies!

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Jeremy and Cammy and baby Owen will, hopefully, be coming home this week! We are all so excited to see our new baby boy! The "paper signing" went well and they have gotten to see a few sights, too.

Cindy and baby Kellen have been house and dog sitting for the new parents. Banjo and Greta, the daschunds, should be accustomed to a baby by the time Owen gets home. Kellen is growing by leaps and bounds. Every time I talk to Cindy, he has gained a pound or two. Nana says that he certainly likes to be held!

A Baby Boy Blessing

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We have been blessed with another boy in the family. Jeremy and Cammy have become parents through adoption. Owen Reid Hutchinson was born in Arizona while his parents were rushing to the hospital! We are all overjoyed--except Amelia, who is jealous of someone taking some of her Uncle Jeremy's time. She is concerned that she may never be able to bowl again. Jeremy and Cammy have taken Patrick and Amelia bowling and to the movies since they first got married. Amelia will have to adjust to another boy in the family! Welcome to the family Owen!

Snowman Making!

Friday, April 4, 2008 No comments

It has become a tradition to make a snowman if we have enough snow! Brian and the kids throw snowballs at each other. It has become very competitive!

A Long Winter

This has been the longest winter of my existence. My flowers are coming up and it is still too cold to work in the yard. I am trying to stay positive as I recuperate from knee surgery! Dr. C. fixed my knee difficulties on Wednesday and other than a lot of pain, I am doing okay! I was expecting to have surgery on Wednesday and be back to normal on Saturday. All the basketball players do it!! My favorite aunt Lois reminded me that I was NOT a basketball player before the surgery and that did not change when the pain medications wore off!

I was surprised and amused to see that someone had written the word YES above my right knee cap, presumably to insure that the correct knee was being worked on! I took pictures of course!