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I don't remember a day when I didn't love my brother. But, having two boys has given me a whole new prespective of boys. They dearly love one another one moment and are whispering secrets and conspiring against their sister and are yelling at each other the next minute. Any time Will yells or cries, we automatically say,"Patrick, stop it." Usually that gets to the root of the problem. Will looks up to his brother. Patrick was 7 1/2 when Will was born and I feared that they wouldn't be very close. I was wrong. Will loves to watch TV in Patrick's room or watch him play baseball. There is a lot to say for having a brother.....

The One Shoed Fisherman

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There is no real story of the One Shoed Fisherman! Just Jordan feeling at home on the dock at the lake! Somewhere between getting poles ready for fishing and Big Daddy saying "Somebody messed up my poles while I was gone to Kuwait,"
Jordan lost a shoe. Not really lost, but silently pushed aside. The shoes were dirty and muddy from walking through the lily pads and the creek but one was still needed to fish. The other shoe was eventually put back on before he headed home. His mother threatened to spray him with the water hose before letting him into the car, but I don't think it actually happened. I like a kid that feels at home at the lake.


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Brian took the kids fishing on Saturday. Will was so excited! He wanted the purple and green fishing pole! He wasn't allowed to go back on Sunday! It wasn't really his fault that Patrick was in the way when he tried to cast his line!


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Every year, as the weather seems to warm Nana says,"I want to separate some of your big hostas," it never happens. This is one of the hostas that Nana wishes she had in her yard! Granny gave us a few starts 12 years ago and we haven't done anything to them since. Brian swears they thrive on neglect! SIDE NOTE: My daylilies bloom before hers do, too!!


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He's loving and caring,
a preacher,
somewhat independent.

A CUBS fan, but I'm a Red Sox fan,
but we don't mind,

he lives with his wife in a 1 story house,
with my great uncle close, just in case

whenever I go to visit him,
we watch whatever ballgame is on TV.

then when the game is over we sit on the swing
on the back porch and listen to the dogs bark
and the birds twittering with joy.

then he tells me about his missions as a tank operator
on the third day of the Normandy invasions and other missions
as a WWII soldier.

He is my Granddaddy (great grandfather)

Patrick, 11 years old, wrote this tribute to my granddaddy
Stanley Borders


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Friday was Amelia's big day at school! She and Brian were the talk of the school. Brian brought the KSP helicopter to school for the kids to see up close and personal. Every class had a time alloted and rain held out until 1:30 or so... only a couple of classes missed out on the fun. Most of the boys wanted to know if Brian carried a gun and if he had ever been on COPS. Brian seemed to enjoy showing off the helicopter and answering questions. Amelia was thrilled to have Brian eat lunch with her! Notice how bored Amelia looks while sitting in the pilots seat!

The Run for the Roses!

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This being the first weekend in May, it is Derby Day on Saturday. Their are office pools and large elaborate hats showing up all over the state! Big Brown is a 3-1 favorite and wears red/white/blue silks, so I will stick with the favorite. Don't forget to stand, place you hand over your heart and SING when My Old Kentucky Home is played. Some of my finest memories are of my granddaddy standing and singing along!! Look for Big Brown in the winners circle!