Classic Little Girl

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, Little Girl and I stopped by my friend Skippy's house to return her camera. Upon seeing the new "professional do", Skippy said,"What are you going to do when the boys starting hitting on you?" Little Girl never missed a beat and said,"I'll just hit them back." Classic!
She has always had a way with words and the ability to use them in a humorous way. She can cut you down with just a short phrase and never bat an eye. For the last (almost) 9 years there has been a family grapevine of Little Girl phrases. I tell Nana, she tells Mema and so on and so on.....Mema says we should write them down but I think we would have to plant a forest to replace the trees we needed for paper. I love that girl and am sad she is growing up so fast.

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