Tuesday, June 24, 2008
My friend, Skippy, has a saying: Every time, same. It not only means that some things never change but we probably would be shocked if they did. Welcome to the my world at the baseball park. Here is how the scenario plays out EVERY TIME: SAME! Angel: Hey Mom, Mom, Mom, hey Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, I am talking to you.
Me: Yes, I hear you saying my name over and over and over.

Angel: Can I go over to the consheshon (concession) stand and get a snack?
Me: You just had supper and I brought you some cereal.

Angel: I just want to go to the consheshon stand and get another snack. I don't like cereal.
Mom: You will have to wait.

Angel: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase! Is it up to you or Dad?
Me: You can ask Dad if you want to.
Angel: Dad, Dad, Dad, I am talking to you!
Big Daddy: I hear you, what do you want?
Angel: I JUST want to go to the consheshon stand for a snack.
Big Daddy: Not right now, later, if you are a good boy.

Angel: But I am so hungary! Mom, I am so hungary!
Me: Our people are from England and Scotland, not from Hungary!
Angel falls on the ground and cries, not tears, just the sounds that go with tears.
Any night of the week no matter who is in attendance.


Anonymous said...

I think I just scared people with my laughing. :<} That is so funny.

kelly said...

Well I've seen it first hand, that's really the way it goes.
But, Angel worked his magic on me & got him the pixie stick he wanted, he just SO DARN CUTE.