The Exception to Most Rules!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
My sweet brother is the exception to most male stereotypes. He loves to fish and fix stuff, true enough. BUT, he also is the most thoughtful person I know. We must be very careful mentioning something we are wishing we had, he will buy it! If the kids mention a movie they wish their (terrible) parents would take them to see, he takes them. Last time I called him and asked what he was doing, he replied,"Washing bottles." He takes the baby so his crafty nurse wife can have the day to clean the house! My favorite thing about him is that he is fiercly loyal. He would fight a running saw (Mom's term) to protect any of his family! Here is a small list of the things that make him different:

1. He visits Dad's grave religiously.
2. He embraces all aspects of Daddyhood
3. He took our oldest, The Future Trooper, on his 5th grade trip cause Big Daddy was in Kuwait.
4. He worked hours at a time in our yard while Big Daddy was serving our country. He also put together Angel's new bed!
5. He goes shopping with his wife and holds her clothes and says,"Get it."
5. He is incredibly appreciative and humble.
Any time I hear woman complaining about men I feel inclined to add,"Except Jeremy, of course."
We love you, Jeremy.

Just take a minute, please, to visit Owen's new blog. He was getting bored at home and started blogging while his mom and dad were at work. He seems to be mechanical like his dad and creative like his mom. What a wonderful face to start the day!

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