Tuesday, June 17, 2008
I would walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball ~Pete Rose

(and Will Carlisle)

I saw this quote from Pete Rose and it reminded me so much of my Angel. Since he could walk he has wanted to play baseball. At 2 years old he would walk through the house wearing his brothers keets (cleats). His first phrase was "I play baseball". My uncle Mark would tell him to "concentrate" and he thought he was.....he has both a right-hander AND a left-hander glove since he can't make up his mind. Some days he pitches right and some days, left. This year we were all relieved that he was able to play T-ball: 4 years old at last! He has throughly enjoyed playing with the Orioles. He hit the coach with a hard hit down the middle a few games ago and now he strives to do it again. He runs hard to every base and when he arrives he relives the hit to whoever is standing near. Slides into home plate, of course! When Big Daddy and I slack off he will look over at us and say,"Yell for me." and we do..... yesterday his coach said he was so impressed with his hitting ability especially considering his size. I guess hitting those 150 balls over the weekend really helped.

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kelly said...

He is the SWEETEST!!! You just look @ that sweet "ANGEL" face and just smile :)