Thursday, June 19, 2008

Okay, we are having issues at our house. Big Daddy travels all over the world and buys me presents~he doesn't travel JUST to buy me presents, of course, just buys them in the course of his travels. Now that is cleared up...... I have thousands of $ of southwestern jewelry from Arizona from the bi-annual "recertification" trip: 3 hand carved bowls from El Salvador: 2 elephant motif bracelets from Afghanistan: 2 hand carved very intricate carvings from Korea: hand woven shawls from Egypt, all acquired over the years courtesy of military "vacations". The problem is....he thinks (incorrectly) that if he gives me more than one gift at a time he is not given proper credit. In past years, he has hidden the "excess" gifts in the storage building or in the trunk of his car. The CURRENT ISSUE at hand are the roosters above. I love these hand carved roosters more than anything he buys me. He gets them at the Big Sandy Airport in Prestonsburg, KY. If you don't know where it is look it up~ain't nothing there except Big Sandy Airport and the attached restaurant. Over the last 15 years I have been given about 10 of these roosters, each with a different theme. I love the mountains of Eastern Ky and the first one has the sun setting over the mountains on one side and the other side has the moon over the mountains~still my favorite. BACK TO THE POINT: Last week, Big Daddy bought me 3 of the roosters and he thinks he should still get 3 times the appreciation and thanks. So here goes: Big Daddy, the roosters you have bought for me are on a short list of my prized possessions, along with my engagement ring and the lamps my grandmother gave me. I appreciate the roosters 3 fold and thank you times 3 for thinking of me. That good enough? Y'all help me out and tell Big Daddy how much I love the roosters!


Anonymous said...

Go Big Daddy! You rock!!!! The roosters are beautiful.

kelly said...

Come on BIG DADDY, you know the old saying "it's better to give than recieve". You should be giving the gifts because you love your WONDERFUL wife, not just to get the proper thanks. Think of ALL the things she does through the years and truth be told I'd bet she'd deserve 3 gifts EVERYDAY !!!