Monday, June 30, 2008
Do you ever have those moments when someone says something and you are instantly taken back to an exact moment in the past. This weekend it happened to me. I was taken back TO 6th grade, Mrs. Gentry's social studies class. Mrs. Gentry was crazy~not haha funny crazy~but insane asylum crazy. Instead of being institutionalized she was given dozens of 6th graders!! She would order posters from the book fair~none of them had anything to do with social studies but she bought several at a time. This particular poster was of a brain. It was a detailed map of every part of the brain, and she was so thrilled to hang it up for us to see. One of the boys, probably Shannon Day, said,"Mrs. Gentry, where did you get your brain?" Mrs. Gentry would say, time and time again, "I ordered it at the book fair." He asked her several times every day and she always had the same reply. We laughed hysterically each and every time. She never got the joke.

I was taken FROM Granny's yard on Saturday. Angel was disturbed with a broken statue sitting on Grannys patio. Angel said,"Hey Granny, what happened to your boy's head?" She said,"I don't know." He looked confused and said,"NO, NO Granny, this boys head." I guess he thought he thought it was one of Granny's "boys" heads. It worried him to no end trying to fix the boys head. Finally Big Daddy loaded the boy in the car and vowed to fix his poor little head.

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Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Now if that was my little girl;
She actually broke the head off earlier, and is now pretending it's a big shock!