It Occurred to Me!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It occurred to me a few weeks ago, and I was reminded last night that we may (possibly) be living the American dream. We have enough food, okay, way too much food: a nice house where the kids all have their own room: more cars than we can drive at a time: I could go on and on. This rant started a few weeks ago when our family was sitting at the ballpark, as we do most evenings. (See Future Trooper, JAMO, the Homerun Hitter, above)It was a beautiful spring night and everyone was happy AT THE SAME TIME. Little Girl said,"We live a really good life." I was reminded last night (once again at the ballpark) as I was sitting amongst my friends watching The Future Trooper play baseball. Everyone was laughing and sharing peanuts and there was even a little teasing going on..... today I am going to try (really hard) to be thankful for the following things:

1. Big Daddy, been married almost 15 years, same father to all of my kids!

2. Kids that are healthy. We have had a few scares in the past but all is well today.

3. Nice home, mortgage free.

4. Dependable (fuel efficient) car to drive to work.

5. Friends to struggle though the ballgames with....16 to 2 last night (at least the last time I looked)

6. A family loves our children, really loves them.
7. We both are educated with NO student loans!

For these things, today, I am thankful.

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