Keys to the Pearly Gates?

Monday, June 2, 2008

I don't believe that doing good deeds will guarantee me a place in heaven but I am convinced keeping Tanner MUST get me extra points with someone up there. Who is the saint of animals? I don't know, but maybe he is keeping track of my puppy points.
A family friend found him on the side of a busy road and called me (the sucker) to see if I would take him. I already had one chihuahua so I agreed. The kids and I (Big Daddy was "out of the country") labored over a name then just gave up and, considering that he was tanner than Cricket, just went with Tanner. We took him to the vet who told us he was either neutered or "probably" couldn't have puppies. We eventually had four puppies, but that is for another blog.....I posted an ad in the local paper for a lost dog. A lady called and said she was certain that he was her mother-in-law's dog and she would like to come get him. I agreed and told her to come after 3 so the kids would be out of school and could say goodbye. WELL, that was October 2006! She never showed and I was too stubborn to call her back.
Anyway, he and I bonded right away. He loves me, no doubt about it. Every minute of every day, he loves me! He isn't the best at pottying outside or not always so pleasant company but I have yet to beat his faithfulness. The kids get tired of getting growled out and Big Daddy gets tired of yellow spots on the bath mat. But me? I love him, too and am hoping it will someday pay off!

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