Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Typical picture of Toby.

This is Toby Keith Carlisle~until a few days ago, I thought he must be in the witnesss protection program. You are witnessing the ONLY good picture in existence. Every picture I have taken for 5 years has been a disaster. He turns his head at the last minute or chases an imaginery squirrel or hides in the grass. He was certainly hiding from someone! This day I caught him off guard. He was watching the boys hit baseballs and didn't realize the camera was on him.. Here is his story....

A few years ago we were spending a Derby Day at the farm. The Future Trooper heard what he thought was a puppy whimpering. I said it was surely a bird or another country animal making weird noises. Anyway, I am a sucker for a puppy, so we set out looking for the origin of the sound. Eventually, we came upon a puppy and a momma dog. The momma was scared and ran away, but the puppy stayed (okay, we carried him home.) No one ever came to claim him so he became ours. We named him Toby Keith for obvious reasons and he has been nearly the perfect dog. He won't go near the road, he loves the kids and only chases the cats to show off for someone new. Countless people have come to the house and commented on what a cool dog he is.....yes he is! I will probably have this picture made into an 8x10 and maybe some wallets, it will be the only good one I may ever get.
SIDENOTE: If you are my grandmother you may continue to read, otherwise check back tomorrow: Mema, you are my favorite person in the world and I am planning a whole week of posts about you and the years we have had together. Maybe the last week of July to celebrate your birthday! Just because I have mentioned Granddaddy doesn't mean I like him better!

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We could probably write a whole BOOk about Mema. :<}