On This Day~Somebody get me a tissue!!

Friday, June 6, 2008
On this day 64 years ago, the allied forces stormed the beaches in Normandy, France. My granddaddy was there~okay~ he wasn't THERE, he was on his way there. He would arrive on the 3rd or 4th day. Omaha Beach, as it was known, was the destination of many young soldiers. Granddaddy enlisted in the Army and must have know he would be sent overseas where he would see many of his comrades die. He was a young soldier from Johnson County, Ky, and was about to be involved in history.

I don't know the man he was then, but I know the man he is today, and think that many of these experiences have shaped his character. Granddaddy had polio as a child and had a broken arm that was never properly fixed, neither of which hindered his job as a tow truck driver in France and Belgium during WWII. He is the strongest and most dependable man I know. He is incredibly kind and faithful. His faith seems unwavering and I can only pray to be half the role model he has been to 5 children, grandchildren and now, great grandchildren. He lives his life with Christ as his model and it is apparent to all of us.

We have heard a few of the stories of Omaha Beach but I have no doubt there are stories that are clear to him but, we will never know. I am reminded of his sacrifice when I see a new American flag flying or hear the phrase "God Bless America." Men like him have paved the way for the lives we live and the freedoms we have. Being a military wife myself, I am especially appreciative of the sacrifices that were given on this day in 1944. There are fewer WWII vererans living every day. If you know one (or more) tell them you appreciate their sacrifice.

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