Thursday, June 26, 2008
These three sweet looking children, my own, will eventually drive me to drink. It may not be today or tomorrow but eventually, I will be a lush solely because of them. Some days I long for them to grow up and be responsible and other days I wish them to stay little so I can control their lives. I have been a mother for nearly 12 years now and they continue to amaze me daily. I was having chest pains a few weeks ago and Little Girl and Angel were in the car with me. I told her I didn't feel well and she said,"Can you drop me off first, in case you have a heart attack?" SWEET! Then she added,"You HAVE lived a long life, Mom" Yeah, 39 LONG years. There is no doubt that the sun rises and sets on the heads of these 3 kids. The wind blows because they want it to and every opportunity is available just because they desire it. We are caught in the middle of "you are special just for being you" and "maybe that is not your strong suit" kind of world. I mean do you tell them they need to watch their weight or that baseball may NOT be their best sport or that they can be anything they want to be when the world doesn't really work that way. So far they have good realistic goals about future careers, but at what point do you discourage them from getting a degree in Renaissance Art History in favor of something more practical? When do you stifle their dreams because they are not feasible? The have been told they are wonderful and loved and now they are entitled to the world at their doorstep. We parents walk a fine line in raising good well adjusted children. The moral of the story is......if you see me and I look like I have had a few too many drinks, I needed every one of them.

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