Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We love baseball. Let's just start it. Last night, not so much. Future Troopers team lost 12-4 or so, I lost interest about the 2nd inning and was looking for the car. At one point, Big Daddy asked me to find Dr. P and see if she could possibly do a root canal while we waited for the game to end. A root canal seemed more pleasurable at the time. One bright note: my friend KD and her daughter Kourt came to help us endure baseball torture. She and Little Girl hit it off.

Apparently, we have subjected little girl to a terrible life by giving her 2 brothers. She looked at Kourt and said,"How many brothers do YOU have?" Kourt said,"4" Little Girl said,"Boy, you've got it rough." Kourt said,"Yeah, I will give you Tyler." SISTER BONDING TAKING PLACE RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.

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kelly said...

After that comment, I wonder what else we missed when we couldn't hear 'em.I think a friendship was made.