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Sleep late or at least til the kids head out the door and I am forced to move! Play in the yard with Toby, we are learning to like each other. Sometimes we even lay under the cars together. He's a pretty good kid after all.
Take a short nap on the back sidewalk. I may need to run and chase squirrels and bark later tonight and don't want to be tired. That other kid sleeps inside the house, so the outside security falls to me.

Sit and look really cute while I am getting my picture taken. If i turn my head just so, it shows off my soft ears!


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My little girl is growing up and I am not one bit happy about it. She is a daddy's girl anyway and now she is is growing up and away from me even more!
My cousin posted these pictures from our recent family reunion and they made me sort of wistful~I miss my little girl! She has been at Mrs. B's all week and probably has no clue that we are missing her so. She goes about her daily rituals of making her bed and showering (Mrs. B is obsessed with personal hygiene) and argueing with her brother and never thinks how much she is missed at home. Her older brother would never admit to missing her but he has even been a little bored without her around.

She is such a positive and bright to our lives. It seems only a few years ago we were expecting our little girl. We finally decided on a name but I was in the hospital in labor and realized that it was the first day of summer. A little redhaired girl (I knew she would have her daddy's red hair)
named Summer with her birthday the first day of summer would be PERFECT! Then it occurred to me that we had called her by her "name" for 3 months and couldn't possibly change it now. She would surely be confused and not know her true name! A little dramatic, I know, but I was in labor, for goodness sake. Anyway, we stuck with her original name but I am occassionally sorry when I see these summer pictures of her. She would have been a perfect Summer.
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1. If he says,"Do you know why I stopped you?" You say,"No, sir."THEN: if he says,"You were going 90 in a 70," DON'T EVER, EVER EVER say anything like,"I was only going 80." He will write that on a ticket and you have sealed your deal. No kidding.
2. He doesn't know the weather in any other town or state: just the one he is currently standing in..Don't ask for weather updates while he is eating his dinner at McDonalds.
3. Don't ask him to fix a ticket his co-worker wrote you, or vice verse. Come on, you wouldn't like your co-workers undoing your work!!
4. Yes, he has better stuff to do, but writing you a ticket is his job.
5. He has two choices: he can drive really fast and pass you and make you mad or he can drive the speed limit and you and your friends are backed up behind him wishing he would "just go on" Either way the trooper is the bad guy. If he passes you, just assume he is going to a serious call such as to help your mother or daughter.
6. He is some body's son, brother and probably husband. Just that deserves some respect. Leave your smart mouth at home.
7. He didn't take the job because of the benefits or the money or EVEN the pretty clothes:most troopers love helping people. Give them a break.


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This is where Big Daddy and I began our married life. We lived here until our Future Trooper was born. We have had renters for almost 10 years before they decided to move. The dilemma? What to do with the house.......it is a beautiful setting at the farm with a porch facing the lake and complete serenity. My idea is to have a scrapbook/guest house. I would like to set up my scrapbook tables and have the girls over to work on our projects. A guest house would be cool, too. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a full kitchen and laundry room. It would certainly be enough room if someone from out of town decided to visit. We are currently weighing our options.....Future Trooper thinks he could move in when he is 16 and just drive himself 15 miles to school every day. That will NOT be happening!


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I was disappointed when I saw this picture on my camera but I am happy with the result after a little "photoshopping." This tells so much about my Future Trooper~he loves the farm and everything about it. He loves having so much freedom and being on his own. He understands the importance of being in town, having friends close and going to a good school but he THRIVES in the country!

Seeing him walking down the secluded path reminds me of a time in the not so distant future when he will be grown and on his own. He has his life all planned out~he is going to college at EKU and majoring in law enforcement and minoring in Spanish. He will then graduate in time to start the State Police Academy the same summer. He will graduate with honors (if there is such) and go about his life as a trooper. He has it all planned~I hope it all works out.


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There are ups and downs at every family reunion, I suspect! We were no exception~my grandmother was in incredible pain and had to be taken to the hospital 12 hours before our scheduled family reunion. She missed the whole thing~each family took turns visiting her in the hospital. All but one of my first cousins were there, I can't remember a time when we all were together. We missed Heather and are anxious to meet Baby Alexander in a few weeks.
Aunt Lois and Uncle Guy: he likes to be called Mr. Williams! I don't remember a time when they weren't married! Granddaddy and Laura (below) telling stories from years past. He NEVER looks straight at the camera and it drives me crazy~
Mema is beginning to feel better and he home resting at Mrs. Butterworth's house. Well, maybe not RESTING as our two youngest kids are there.


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  1. Insurance is expensive, how much do we pay for it? ME: Don't have a clue, Big Daddy takes care of that.
  2. Gas is expensive, how much do I spend in a month? ME: A lot? Big Daddy takes care of that.
  3. Do the kids need to go to the dentist? ME: I hate the dentist, Big Daddy takes care of that.
  4. Will we have enough money to send the kids to college: ME: I hope so, scholarships don't look good at this point, PLUS, Big Daddy takes care of that.
  5. How many miles until we need to change the oil? ME: Bid Daddy writes that down somewhere, don't know where. Let me ask him......
  6. Fact: I never mowed a yard until I was 38 years old and Big Daddy went to Kuwait. My mother and brother saved me from that torture.
  7. Big Daddy works a job and a half to support us! I make beans......

Yeah, I do a lot of stuff, just not any of that stuff. AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY!


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Mrs. Butterworth's (aka Nana) house is the setting for the 1st Borders Reunion scheduled for this weekend. It appears all of her brothers and her sister and the majority of their children will be in attendance. The "new" house will be the perfect backdrop for the festivities. We will be eating first and foremost and reminding each other of long forgotten memories. I think Mrs. B is planning on sending the kids to the country club to swim and play golf with Poppy (Mr. B). My grandparents will be in attendance and hopefully will feel well enough to enjoy themselves. We are very excited to see our cousins that we haven't seen lately. There have been a few new babies born and a few marriages (or engagements) since everyone was together! Stay tuned to Monday's post for all of the details. Check Courtney's blog on Monday, too, she may have a different prespective than I do....www.pcjpthompson.blogspot.com


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We are officially immersed in the boating season again. Saturday was the 2nd voyage of the year for us. We take the pontoon out in the morning, cook hot dogs and the kids raft and swim until Angel gets so tired we can't stand his crankiness any longer. Then we get the boat out and he sleeps all the way home in his car seat. We originally had a 2 seater raft but there were arguments over who got to ride when~they are not good at taking turns. Big Daddy found this raft and their has been happiness since. Angel rides in the middle so he won't fall out and he can ride as long as the other two kids.
Future Trooper looks really good, just ask him. He was jumping off to retrieve a fishing pole someone left and felt he needed to strike a pose.

Angel is waiting patiently for Big Daddy to reel the raft in so he can jump into it. The other two jump off the side of the boat and swim out but he is not ready for that move yet. He is studying how it is done though.

Little Girl puts on sunscreen about 3 times before we get to the lake and 2 or 3 times after we arrive and she ALWAYS gets a pinkness to her face. She was blessed with red hair and pale skin. She hates the Barbie life jacket. Loved it last year but has outgrown it with her new hairdo!


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I will never understand the workings of a 12 (almost) year old boy. A few days ago our Future Trooper took my camera outside to take pictures of the "dog we ARE NOT keeping." So we could remember him, I guess. These are a few of the pictures that he took........ When I questioned his thinking he said,"I just wanted to see what my feet looked like!" I told him to just look down, surprise, there they are....you don't have to take pictures to look at them....he was baffled.

Then I realized that it is not just boys that stump me but the whole male-kind in general. Case in point....Big Daddy comes home the same day and sees a mess in the yard. He says,"Who had the round winter sled out in the yard?" It was incredibly humid and about 90 degrees. Future Trooper says,"I did. Momma's Angel had the water hose." WELL, I don't get the connection between a winter sled and my angel having the water hose. Big Daddy gets it right away and says,"Oh, you were using it as a shield." Future Trooper has a twinkling in his eye as he laughs uncontrollably. I think Big Daddy must have been replaying some day back in the 60's with his 2 brothers! I don't get it.......hope I never do.


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Dummy #1 has alerted us to a stranger among us! He must be terrified at the sight of the rabid chihuahua~she is looking for support from dummy #2 standing BEHIND her.

Toby bristled at the sight of the fierce stranger. Check out the penetrating stare and fighting stance.

He looks pretty harmless to me! Sweet face with huge feet and cat scratches on his nose only make him more endearing! Future Trooper thought he looked like a Hobo and I thought Charlie was better (after the pioneer woman's bassett): we compromised with Hobo Charlie. We are NOT keeping him. Big Daddy said(and I quote),"We are not keeping THAT dog, why are you feeding him?" Cause he is hungry, DUH!


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I am not even forty yet, (let me check the counter) but in 289 days I will be. 40 year olds shouldn't need a pill box. I was mortified to realize that I currently have 6 prescriptions with my name on them. OKAY, the vicodin was for my knee surgery and I am saving them for our trip to Disney World (only partially kidding.) I don't take them any more. The others I need, or at least I have convinced myself that I need them. What a realization that there will be a woman that is 41 years old competing in the Olympics this year and I am taking 6 prescriptions to sustain my health, and I am ONLY 39. She must have more time on her hands to eat right and exercise. Yeah, that is the only difference between her and me. I think I have 2 more kids than she does, that may account for the need of blood pressure medication. I wonder if my health savings account will pay for a pill box for a 39 year old? Maybe I could borrow one from my grandmother.


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This is the 2nd week I am participating in Tuesday Summer Tips with others at ://www.bottlesbarbiesandboys.blogspot.com/

My summer tip (an easy one):

Try to say yes to the kids as much as possible. My favorite memories are of when I was a kid in the summertime. I want our kids to have good summer memories, too.

Can we have friends over? sure
Can we have a snow cone? Snow cone shaver stays on the counter all summer!
Let's go to the lake? okay, let's go!
Get the chalk out and gunk up Dad's concrete! absolutely.
Can I take the go-cart out in the rain? Yup.
Nana said I could stay with her for 2 weeks, okay? without question, take your brothers!

Say it with me,"Sure you can." It gets easier with time to sometimes just let them have fun. There is plenty of time in the winter to clean up the mess!


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Big Daddy does business with RJ Corman (the railroad guy) and we were invited to his home for a July 4th celebration. Most of the aircraft section and their "support staff" were there to enjoy the festivities. I have never been to such a cool party for the 4th. It was set up like a street fair or carnival. There was an entire Schwanns truck filled with ice cream at our disposal! Now that is a party.
Baby John wore his pirate patch for the better part of the evening! He ate 2 or 3 cotton candies on his own. There was a tent for cotton candy and snow cones. My family had AT LEAST 5 cotton candies!

The food was wonderful. There seemed to be unlimited chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers and all the trimmings (even Heiner's bread.) Our Future Trooper ate at least two entire meals and at last count he was eating a chicken sandwich. He may need a few lessons in manners.

Part of the aircraft support staff. We were pelted with rain for about 20 minutes while we were eating but it cleared up enough to continue the concert and to give us a clear view of the fireworks.

Little Girl sat on Big Daddy's lap for the fireworks. They were the best fireworks I have seen in about 20 years. Certainly better than I have seen any city put together. There was a train with a smokestack, the list goes on and on. There are so many people that watch the fireworks that Mr. Corman opens his airstrip for people without tickets to watch from across the street. We were lucky to have tickets and have front row seats. We were so close to the fireworks that Angel got ashes on his face(below). Little Girl asked Big Daddy why he was laughing so much~he said he was just enjoying himself. I don't think he had that much fun in a long time.

Angel said he liked the colors but didn't like all the noise. He wanted to sleep on my shoulder but I made him stay awake until we got to the car. He was asleep before we got the car out of the yard, about 7 minutes.
Other than the rain, it was a fabulous day. You can go to http://www.rjcorman.com/ to see what his company does.


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Today is Independence Day, let's not forgot those who have given all.
When I was a kid my grandparents took us to Arlington National Cemetary 3 or 4 times and I didn't understand why you would want to go more than once. It was quiet and a funeral was always going on, who would want to go back? Well, now I get it...... I found a few interesting facts about the Tomb of the Unknowns:
1. It takes approximately 8 hours to prep his/her uniform.
2 He does not do an about face. He stops on the 21 st step, then turns and faces the Tomb for 21 seconds. Then he turns to face back down the mat, changes his weapon to the outside shoulder, counts 21 seconds, then steps off for another 21 step walk down the map. He faces the Tomb at each end of the 21 step walk for 21 seconds. The Sentinel then repeats this over and over until he is relieved at the Guard Change. 21 seconds alludes to the 21 gun salute, which if the highest honor given any military.
3. There have been 3 female Sentinels.
4. There are living quarters under the ampitheater.
Mema and Granddaddy: Thank you for trying to give us redneck kids some sense of history and a little culture. Big Daddy and I are planning out trip to DC to try to do the same for our kids.


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I really do occasionally torture my children. They know the drill. If momma says, "Smile," you put on a fake smile and GRIN! No matter what. I started them early and they are pros now. Poor little Angel! Momma just wanted one more picture of the sweet little boy with hair in his eyes standing in front of the beautiful waterfall. JUST ONE MORE! Here's the thing......
Angel didn't tell me he needed to go to the potty,BAD! (Notice the placement of his hands.) After the picture was taken, we whisked him to the closest potty but it was too late! Thomas the Tank Engine undies were left at the park restroom and we got out FAST before anyone noticed. I thought I was pretty sly and Angel and I took a leisurely walk back to the car and Big Daddy said,"Did you have to throw away another pair of kids undies?" Future Trooper, who doesn't have that little filter that silently reminds you not to say certain things at certain times, yelled from the back seat,"You mean he is going commando?" HMMMM....that sent me thinking of another trip we took to Sam's Club with Little Girl several years back........


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Granny (Big Daddy's mother) has the most beautiful garden. Every year I am amazed~she has hostas and cornflowers and the list goes on and on. I don't know how she does it but it is fabulous.
There is just enough grass in the back yard for Angel to play baseball and to have a red porch swing. The rest of the yard is covered in lush green plants. The girl (above) in the cornflowers is one of my favorites. She plants flowers in the bird bath and surrounds the base with hostas, very creative and interesting.

Big Daddy didn't get her green thumb though. He has tried to grow tomatoes for 15 years and has yet to have more than one or two. BUT, we have transplanted some of her hostas and they have done very well at the farm. (see earlier post) Mine somehow bring a portion of Granny with them and continue to grow. Big Daddy says they must thrive on neglect, since that is what the hostas get from us!
Little Girl pretending to smell the hydrangea. I love the way the darkness of the umbrella compliments the darker plants.


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Summer Tips and Advice for keeping the kids from saying "Mom, I'm Bored!" With gas prices over $4 a gallon and Big Daddy really busy in the summer months it is hard for us to keep the kids occupied. This summer we decided to try to do some things close to home. Sunday we ventured to the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Just 15 minutes from our home, it was the choice of the oldest, The Future Trooper, who loves everything military and especially WWII.
The day was overcast and not good for boating so we set out to learn about General George S. Patton and the Army Armor School. I was concerned that Little Girl and Angel wouldn't find anything interesting but I was wrong. (How sad that we have lived here for 15 years and never been to the museum.) There were tanks (of course) sitting outside. They represented every war in which tanks were involved. There was also a helicopter. Big Daddy gave a quick lesson on the helicopter and then tried to remember his days as a tank commander before he went to flight school.
There were several exhibits for kids of all ages and the museum was a hit with us. PLUS, it was free! Mainly, the kids are thrilled when we all go somewhere together and see new things. Next up, Abe Lincoln's boyhood home. We have been there several times but what the heck!!
In case you are wondering: the gold vault IS housed at Fort Knox, but there is no public access. You can drive by and wonder about all the gold bars inside but that is about it!Check out more summer tips at