Monday, July 14, 2008
We are officially immersed in the boating season again. Saturday was the 2nd voyage of the year for us. We take the pontoon out in the morning, cook hot dogs and the kids raft and swim until Angel gets so tired we can't stand his crankiness any longer. Then we get the boat out and he sleeps all the way home in his car seat. We originally had a 2 seater raft but there were arguments over who got to ride when~they are not good at taking turns. Big Daddy found this raft and their has been happiness since. Angel rides in the middle so he won't fall out and he can ride as long as the other two kids.
Future Trooper looks really good, just ask him. He was jumping off to retrieve a fishing pole someone left and felt he needed to strike a pose.

Angel is waiting patiently for Big Daddy to reel the raft in so he can jump into it. The other two jump off the side of the boat and swim out but he is not ready for that move yet. He is studying how it is done though.

Little Girl puts on sunscreen about 3 times before we get to the lake and 2 or 3 times after we arrive and she ALWAYS gets a pinkness to her face. She was blessed with red hair and pale skin. She hates the Barbie life jacket. Loved it last year but has outgrown it with her new hairdo!


Anonymous said...

I want to go! That raft looks awesome!

SHERRYLL said...

I can see you, me and Kelly D in that Tube, the water would never be the same again. LOL

You ain't seen anything till you see me trying to get out of a tube, "Its Not Funny" well my family says it is.

kelly said...
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kelly said...

I'm with sherryll, ask big daddy when we can go too. We'd have fun.

annie said...
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annie said...

wish i had a raft like that. (and i wish i had spell check) bet you had a blast. your family nicknames crack me up. i think you should call yourself "ginger" or "trixie" or "captain obvious"...i could go on forever. miss ya.