Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Granny (Big Daddy's mother) has the most beautiful garden. Every year I am amazed~she has hostas and cornflowers and the list goes on and on. I don't know how she does it but it is fabulous.
There is just enough grass in the back yard for Angel to play baseball and to have a red porch swing. The rest of the yard is covered in lush green plants. The girl (above) in the cornflowers is one of my favorites. She plants flowers in the bird bath and surrounds the base with hostas, very creative and interesting.

Big Daddy didn't get her green thumb though. He has tried to grow tomatoes for 15 years and has yet to have more than one or two. BUT, we have transplanted some of her hostas and they have done very well at the farm. (see earlier post) Mine somehow bring a portion of Granny with them and continue to grow. Big Daddy says they must thrive on neglect, since that is what the hostas get from us!
Little Girl pretending to smell the hydrangea. I love the way the darkness of the umbrella compliments the darker plants.

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