Friday, July 11, 2008
I will never understand the workings of a 12 (almost) year old boy. A few days ago our Future Trooper took my camera outside to take pictures of the "dog we ARE NOT keeping." So we could remember him, I guess. These are a few of the pictures that he took........ When I questioned his thinking he said,"I just wanted to see what my feet looked like!" I told him to just look down, surprise, there they don't have to take pictures to look at them....he was baffled.

Then I realized that it is not just boys that stump me but the whole male-kind in general. Case in point....Big Daddy comes home the same day and sees a mess in the yard. He says,"Who had the round winter sled out in the yard?" It was incredibly humid and about 90 degrees. Future Trooper says,"I did. Momma's Angel had the water hose." WELL, I don't get the connection between a winter sled and my angel having the water hose. Big Daddy gets it right away and says,"Oh, you were using it as a shield." Future Trooper has a twinkling in his eye as he laughs uncontrollably. I think Big Daddy must have been replaying some day back in the 60's with his 2 brothers! I don't get it.......hope I never do.


kelly said...

That would be a waste of your VALUABLE time, men/boys will never be figured out.

kelly said...

Well future trooper, if ya didn't know before, you now know what your feet look like.
Guess the sister got the looks & brains ... ha ha ha