Monday, July 28, 2008
My little girl is growing up and I am not one bit happy about it. She is a daddy's girl anyway and now she is is growing up and away from me even more!
My cousin posted these pictures from our recent family reunion and they made me sort of wistful~I miss my little girl! She has been at Mrs. B's all week and probably has no clue that we are missing her so. She goes about her daily rituals of making her bed and showering (Mrs. B is obsessed with personal hygiene) and argueing with her brother and never thinks how much she is missed at home. Her older brother would never admit to missing her but he has even been a little bored without her around.

She is such a positive and bright to our lives. It seems only a few years ago we were expecting our little girl. We finally decided on a name but I was in the hospital in labor and realized that it was the first day of summer. A little redhaired girl (I knew she would have her daddy's red hair)
named Summer with her birthday the first day of summer would be PERFECT! Then it occurred to me that we had called her by her "name" for 3 months and couldn't possibly change it now. She would surely be confused and not know her true name! A little dramatic, I know, but I was in labor, for goodness sake. Anyway, we stuck with her original name but I am occassionally sorry when I see these summer pictures of her. She would have been a perfect Summer.

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kelly said...

i know how ya feel, kourt goes to camp kimmie's for 5 days & comes home & it seems like she's a year older. once she even told me she forgot what me & daddy looked like.