Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Mrs. Butterworth's (aka Nana) house is the setting for the 1st Borders Reunion scheduled for this weekend. It appears all of her brothers and her sister and the majority of their children will be in attendance. The "new" house will be the perfect backdrop for the festivities. We will be eating first and foremost and reminding each other of long forgotten memories. I think Mrs. B is planning on sending the kids to the country club to swim and play golf with Poppy (Mr. B). My grandparents will be in attendance and hopefully will feel well enough to enjoy themselves. We are very excited to see our cousins that we haven't seen lately. There have been a few new babies born and a few marriages (or engagements) since everyone was together! Stay tuned to Monday's post for all of the details. Check Courtney's blog on Monday, too, she may have a different prespective than I

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