Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am not even forty yet, (let me check the counter) but in 289 days I will be. 40 year olds shouldn't need a pill box. I was mortified to realize that I currently have 6 prescriptions with my name on them. OKAY, the vicodin was for my knee surgery and I am saving them for our trip to Disney World (only partially kidding.) I don't take them any more. The others I need, or at least I have convinced myself that I need them. What a realization that there will be a woman that is 41 years old competing in the Olympics this year and I am taking 6 prescriptions to sustain my health, and I am ONLY 39. She must have more time on her hands to eat right and exercise. Yeah, that is the only difference between her and me. I think I have 2 more kids than she does, that may account for the need of blood pressure medication. I wonder if my health savings account will pay for a pill box for a 39 year old? Maybe I could borrow one from my grandmother.


kelly said...

Well, if it makes ya feel better, I already have a pill box. Legs calls me grandma when I get it out.

Anonymous said...

I'll send you one :<} We give them away at the bank. (lots of old customers)