Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is the 2nd week I am participating in Tuesday Summer Tips with others at ://www.bottlesbarbiesandboys.blogspot.com/

My summer tip (an easy one):

Try to say yes to the kids as much as possible. My favorite memories are of when I was a kid in the summertime. I want our kids to have good summer memories, too.

Can we have friends over? sure
Can we have a snow cone? Snow cone shaver stays on the counter all summer!
Let's go to the lake? okay, let's go!
Get the chalk out and gunk up Dad's concrete! absolutely.
Can I take the go-cart out in the rain? Yup.
Nana said I could stay with her for 2 weeks, okay? without question, take your brothers!

Say it with me,"Sure you can." It gets easier with time to sometimes just let them have fun. There is plenty of time in the winter to clean up the mess!


Anonymous said...

The answer was always "yes" at Mema and Grandaddy's house!

Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Can I just send my kids to live with you? What was that "Sssssure!" Okay they'll be on the next plane! ;)

Thanks for participating!

Kritta22 said...

This would work except the kids I watch don't ask for little things like jumping off a rock....they ask to jump off the house into pillows or wear their caps and 'fly' from the top of the truck! But if you wanna come watch them, I'll say yes!! And I'm with Johnina...I'll send them your way! :)
I'll say yes to Connor all the time..we'll compromise!

kelly said...

Well let's see ---
friends over - sometimes
snow cones -no ... ice cream yes
lake - no ... pool maybe
go cart - no ... 4 wheeler ok
Nana's - no ...camp kimmies ALWAYS!

NanaGo said...

Wait. .Wait. . .Nana didn't say yes!Just for that. . .Nana will send them home full of sugar and in a new outfit that needs to be drycleaned, not machine washable and a new toy with many small parts. . .tee hee.