Tuesday, July 22, 2008
There are ups and downs at every family reunion, I suspect! We were no exception~my grandmother was in incredible pain and had to be taken to the hospital 12 hours before our scheduled family reunion. She missed the whole thing~each family took turns visiting her in the hospital. All but one of my first cousins were there, I can't remember a time when we all were together. We missed Heather and are anxious to meet Baby Alexander in a few weeks.
Aunt Lois and Uncle Guy: he likes to be called Mr. Williams! I don't remember a time when they weren't married! Granddaddy and Laura (below) telling stories from years past. He NEVER looks straight at the camera and it drives me crazy~
Mema is beginning to feel better and he home resting at Mrs. Butterworth's house. Well, maybe not RESTING as our two youngest kids are there.

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