Friday, July 25, 2008
1. If he says,"Do you know why I stopped you?" You say,"No, sir."THEN: if he says,"You were going 90 in a 70," DON'T EVER, EVER EVER say anything like,"I was only going 80." He will write that on a ticket and you have sealed your deal. No kidding.
2. He doesn't know the weather in any other town or state: just the one he is currently standing in..Don't ask for weather updates while he is eating his dinner at McDonalds.
3. Don't ask him to fix a ticket his co-worker wrote you, or vice verse. Come on, you wouldn't like your co-workers undoing your work!!
4. Yes, he has better stuff to do, but writing you a ticket is his job.
5. He has two choices: he can drive really fast and pass you and make you mad or he can drive the speed limit and you and your friends are backed up behind him wishing he would "just go on" Either way the trooper is the bad guy. If he passes you, just assume he is going to a serious call such as to help your mother or daughter.
6. He is some body's son, brother and probably husband. Just that deserves some respect. Leave your smart mouth at home.
7. He didn't take the job because of the benefits or the money or EVEN the pretty clothes:most troopers love helping people. Give them a break.

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