Seriously, Literally, Ordinary Random Words

Friday, August 29, 2008 No comments
I guess just by virtue of their ages our kids are wide ranging in their intellect and social skills and ability to comprehend! They all do, however, have a good hold on the English language. It seems to go in fits and spurts but they each have times when they embrace a word or phrase and use in ad naseum. Since I have become aware of it, I find I may have that gene, too. Not sure but my friend, ME, says I say,"I'm just sayin'" frequently. Anyway, the kids each have their own words that they use correctly and frequently. They are as follows:

Future Trooper~random, "The teacher just says random things.""I just have some random homework"

Little Girl~seriously "You mean seriously, no really, seriously?" It sounds more like sirously.

Angel~currently has two favorites:literally "Landon hit me, literally""He doesn't like dogs literally" sounds like litterly

ordinary: "I am going to play in the ordinary yard" (Means the back yard where he always plays as opposed to the front yard where he seldom plays)

I am looking for more examples in my every day verbage (I know what you are thinking, there is a lot of verbage,SHUT UP) find other favorites.

Do you and yours have favorite lines?


Tuesday, August 26, 2008 No comments
With the resurrection of the scrapbook house I have been inspired to actually make some pages. Here is the latest and greatest of the bunch. The picture of the page didn't turn out as good as I expected so use your imagination.


Thursday, August 21, 2008 No comments
My sweet angel looks like one of those Ethiopian children that are on those Christian Childrens Fund commercials. Poor little fella, you can see every rib. He eats like a bird and has few favorites. Anyway, here he is in his "guitar hero" swimming trunks. I don't know why these are "guitar hero" but they are~at least to him. I love the face associated with the post (below).
Lay back, relax and smile, Mom is probably taking a picture of me!

Bend, flex, look really cool......
Arms out, ribs showing, ahhhhh the life of a 4 year old...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008 No comments
My Angel's sweet little hand in the sand. He came home with dozens of sand mite bites!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008 1 comment
A few days ago "someone" dropped/threw a pack of McD's honey mustard sauce out of the car and into the yard. I have a suspect but have not pressed charges as of yet! Anyway, Toby found it and now has a new love. He somehow peeled back the top wrapper and was lapping at the contents when I found him. He would hold the package with one paw as he licked. He is not generally protective of food but I gave him his space to enjoy his new cuisine.
YUM, YUM, why is everyone looking at me? Why is she taking pictures?

One last slurp! Flavalicious!


Friday, August 15, 2008 1 comment
It was one year ago I thought I was going to lose my Future Trooper! Really, honestly, thought he was going to die. I can't imagine how people deal with such a loss. I am sure if you know us personally you remember this time, too!

It all started the second week of school last year, 6th grade, middle school. He had a stomach ache and starting up throwing up~he is NOT a puker! His sister, YES! Anyway, he wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school on a Wednesday. We went to the DR. and they concluded he had a stomach flu. He proceeded to get worse and worse until he was hospitalized on Friday. He was dehydrated and felt really bad. Big Daddy was still in Kuwait, so I called my mother (Mrs. Butterworth, to you) and she came and kept Little Girl and the Angel. There was no change in FT's condition the entire weekend and he was barely able to raise his head. On Sunday as we left the hospital, I honestly wondered if he would live much longer. I was desperate for help and didn't really know who to call. I had sort of an epiphany (divine, I have no doubt) and decided to call Dr. C, a local surgeon and father of one of future troopers' friend. He assured me that he would consult with the pediatrician (not our regular one) and see me in the morning. At least I finally had a little hope.
Monday morning finally came and he had already missed 3 days of school! His regular pediatrician came in, HUGGED ME, and assured me that something would be done quickly to treat him. She consulted with Dr. C and Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, reviewed his CAT scans and decided to send him to Kosair. I can't describe the feeling of seeing them strap him in a gurney and take him in that ambulance! I will never forget it. I stayed with him for 5 days while Mom stayed at our house, taking kids to school and maintaining our household. Sorry for the length of the story but eventually (about 5 days later) he finally got better. Initially, there seemed to be an issue with his pancreas and liver and maybe his appendix. There has been NO definitive reason for his illness, maybe an antibiotic he was taking for an ear infection, maybe a reaction to other medications! We still don't know. We DO know that he has had 2 or 3 CAT scans since and there is no evidence of the problem: pancreas looks good, appendix looks good. We have medications ready if he feels ill again~seems that is all we can do.

Sorry to ramble but my point is to "publicly" thank the people that supported us during that horrible week. Several people visited us in the local hospital as well as at Kosair in Louisville. Madgey Padgey brought me Mt. Dews and magazines and she and Ruthie coordinated food. I can't count the phone calls that were made between us! Brother Mark came to the hospital and prayed with us and undoubtedly, prayed for us. Our attorney stopped by on his way to court as well as Trooper T and his wife Lee, my buddy. Trooper T and Lee also drove to Louisville to check on us later in the week. Future Trooper's friend Austin (see the last lake post) and his mother also visited us and brought magazines.

Most of all, we appreciate the support of our family. Mrs. Butterworth for holding down the fort, Cousin Heather and Dr. Matt and Aunt Cammy for dispensing medical advice: my grandparents for their prayers! Big Daddy's neice Laurie stopped by between classes and helped to reassure Granny that he was actually getting better. It was a terrible week and I still hold on to the fear that something will happen to him but, the support I had was invaluable!


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One day a few weeks ago, Little Girl and the Angel were bored and decided to find a new pasttime. The wanted to have a lemonade stand but upon second thought it seemed like too much work (for me, no work involved for them). They set up a free popsicle stand (beach towel.) Little Girl under the watchful eye of her brother wrote a sign for FREE POPSICLES!!
Then they fixed a TIPS jar just in case someone was inclined to tip them for the free popsicles.

Angel abandoned the game shortly and Little Girl got tired so she promptly turned over the FREE POPSICLES!!! sign and made an OUT TO LUNCH sign.
To show she was serious about it, she then ate lunch.

Mrs. Butterworth had painted her findernails a few days before and she made sure they looked good before posing for the camera.
A few minutes later she went inside and retrieved a bottle of water with the hopes of Big Daddy "overcooking" hamburgers on the grill and screaming "Water, Water." Didn't happen! Daggummit, the one time Dad didn't need water. She will do about anything for a dime.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008 1 comment
Future Trooper on a recent trip to the lake. He pretends to hate having his picture taken. This is straight out of the camera~no enhancement. I love how clear the water droplets appear!


Monday, August 11, 2008 1 comment

This weekend we invited another family to experience the lake with us!! The have 3 kids and remarkably all 6 kids like each other. Dave, the dad got into the raft with the boys and enjoyed a ride around the lake! My angel was so excited that Ashley was going and he enjoyed playing in the sand and digging as usual. He was sitting next to Denise and said,"I am getting sleepy." She asked if he wanted to put his head down and he did and promptly went to sleep. Ashley had never been on a boat before and generally has motion sickness. That could have been a scary combination for some kids but she didn't miss a beat. She jumped right into the raft on the first run! She had a really good time until she got sleepy~she laid down on a towel in the shade and went to sleep.

The girls have spent a lot of time together at the ballpark and get along very well. Thank goodness!

Austin and our Future Trooper stretched out on the "single" , one person raft. Austin never stopped grinning!


Friday, August 8, 2008 3 comments
Okay, here is the way it is....I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. There it is...I am tired of spending my days wishing it was time to go to bed or wishing it was a weekend! I am tired of not seeing the good things for living for the bad things. I am tired of not feeling as well as I should and doing nothing about it. I am sick and tired of dreading winter when it is still the hottest part of the summer. I am sick and tired of being the support staff ~ I am sick of being average, I think I used to be better.
I am sick and tired of not having a real "best friend". I am sick and tired of living away from my family. I am sick and tired of a million other things............

Sorry to have unloaded on a Friday, but it had to be said!


Thursday, August 7, 2008 1 comment
As I have said many times before, Little Girl has a unique way with words. Another case: last weekend we were in Wal-Mart and she and I were browsing the little girl clothing section. Little Girl noticed that there was a boatload of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus clothing and accessories and such. She does NOT like anything Hannah or Miley. Partly because The Future Trooper likes everything Hannah and Miley, I suspect. Anywho, she says,"Mom, Hannah Montana really has a lot of power over little girls. There is stuff galore. Little Girls beg their mothers to buy them all that stuff and Miley Cyrus makes a lot of money." I said she was correct and started in on a marketing lesson suitable for a very intelligent 9 year old. I SWEAR, just then, a little girl and her mother walked by and the child said,"Mom, pllleeeeeaaaase buy me that Hannah Montana cell phone." Little Girl turned and looked me square in the eye and said,"See, another victim."

Typical Little Girl!


Monday, August 4, 2008 1 comment
Please, my friends, remember Big Daddy this week as he had a very bad day on Sunday.. It started very well. It was a beautiful day and we decided to go to the lake. We got all of our crap together on Saturday and were loaded bright and early Sunday morning~we should have been in church, I know the lesson NOW!
We had a fabulous day at the lake, the kids went rafting and played on the beach:we grilled hot dogs and had an all around great day. I was a little nervous when we pulled the boat out of the water. See, the last time we went our truck struggled pulling the boat out. We have had this truck for 10 years and have never had a minutes trouble, as they say. All was well this time, the tires didn't spin even one little bit!

Big Daddy likes to go the back roads and tell us about the days as a "road trooper" and points out that he worked a domestic in that house and hit the horse right about here and Skippy's people live over that direction and Cpt. John's was raised right THERE: Dr. Karl lives right there....... he was a pilot in Vietnam, did you know that? Yes, dear you remind me every time we tak the back roads. You get the point.

We were in B-ville and something went wrong. We couldn't exactly tell what was happening, Big Daddy thought it was either a drive shaft or a flat tire. I don't know what a drive shaft is so, I was voting for the tire thing. We probably had another one here somewhere.....Big Daddy takes care of stuff like that. FIRST: let me go back: we have a 27 foot pontoon boat and are pulling it! Do you know how big a 27 foot pontoon boat is? ANYWAY, we got out and the tires looked fine. We went on driving slower when BOOM~had to be the drive shaft thing. We pulled into someone's yard and Big Daddy got out to investigate. It wasn't the drive shaft thing but the tire had blown out. I got the kids out and Little Girl and Angel were sent to sit under a tree and DON'T MOVE. Future Trooper and I stood in the middle of the road and tried to keep people from running over Big Daddy as he changed the tire. Soon a fella came down the hill and asked if we needed help. BD said,"Yeah, I just need a hammer." This fella, Big Daddy says his name was Bubba and he had an IQ of about 65. This Bubba came back carrying the biggest sledge hammer I have seen in my entire life. Big Daddy got the tire changed and we went on.......I said, "Good thing we were on the back roads and not on the interstate. Okay, kids, when we get home....." Big Daddy says,"We ain't home yet." He has excellent grammar so the "ain't" must have been used for emphasis....
We get about 2 miles from home and our truck starts acting really weird again. I am worried about the drive shaft again. We see the sign for our turn off and BOOM! I look out my window and I SWEAR to you, the tire on the other side has blown out. Not the spare, mind you, but the tire on the other side. OH MY MY!
Big Daddy pulls out his trusty BlackBerry and calls post and requests a trooper to come out and help us. We eventually get in touch with another trooper and his Dad who used to be our neighbors. The Old Man was coming to our rescue. He pulls up in a two seater truck to take me and BD and the 3 kids home. Me and 2 kids left the Future Trooper and BD out on the interstate and rode home. As I type, Big Daddy, Future Trooper and Old Man are getting our van to pull the boat home, drop the boat home and hook up the car trailer and hopefully get the truck home.

Remember Big Daddy this week. And remember the people at Sam's as he tries to collect his tire warranty~there is no way they are going to believe this story.


Sunday, August 3, 2008 No comments
Our Future Trooper has developed an interest in everything gun~sort of like his Dad. They love to target practice and try to impress each other with their marksmanship skills. Back when we were young(er), BD shot competitively and we would spend the entire weekend driving to a far land for him to showcase his shooting abilities. Those days came to a screeching halt when the Future Trooper was born. The proper way to hold a gun. I don't have a clue if it is or not but it looks good to me.

It is all about the concentration and the ability to squint your eyes just enough to see your target clearly. Maybe we need to visit the opthomologist.

Big Daddy giving lessons on the proper way to shoot, concentrate, wear ear protection (maybe not) and look all around cool. Notice he is sitting!

He looks here (below) like he is posing for a picture. HMMMM....


Friday, August 1, 2008 1 comment
I had flashbacks to my elementary schools when little girl checked the school list to see if she got "the good teacher." My experience took a little more effort on Mrs. Butterworth's part....I would make sure she knew who was my one and only choice for teacher and then she went bright and early on the first day and stood in line to get me "the good teacher." It worked every year until we didn't get to choose any more. My best friends' mothers were there, too, so we all ended up together! Little Girl just gets the luck of the draw. The buzz at the ballpark on 6/27 was that the lists were already posted. They weren't due until 7/1! OH the anticipation, and a little dread. We would not be able to stand little girl if she got "the man teacher." Above she is quickly scanning for her name..........
YES! Thank goodness~she got a good teacher and it is a woman. We may be okay after all. She got the same teacher Future Trooper had so there was certainly much advice to be given when we get home.

After further examination, 3 of her best buddies are also in Mrs. H's class! This may be the best year yet. If she can only secure the Citizenship Award for the 3rd year running...
Fast forward~last night was Open House. Little Girl said,"Mom, please bring your Angel an extra shirt in case he gets his dirty. We can at least change before Mrs. H sees him." I said,"Mrs. H knows us already~" "That is the problem" she said. We must have reached that phase where she is ashamed of us..more to come.

Please excuse the mess!