Monday, August 11, 2008

This weekend we invited another family to experience the lake with us!! The have 3 kids and remarkably all 6 kids like each other. Dave, the dad got into the raft with the boys and enjoyed a ride around the lake! My angel was so excited that Ashley was going and he enjoyed playing in the sand and digging as usual. He was sitting next to Denise and said,"I am getting sleepy." She asked if he wanted to put his head down and he did and promptly went to sleep. Ashley had never been on a boat before and generally has motion sickness. That could have been a scary combination for some kids but she didn't miss a beat. She jumped right into the raft on the first run! She had a really good time until she got sleepy~she laid down on a towel in the shade and went to sleep.

The girls have spent a lot of time together at the ballpark and get along very well. Thank goodness!

Austin and our Future Trooper stretched out on the "single" , one person raft. Austin never stopped grinning!

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Anonymous said...

looks like a fun day!!!