Friday, August 1, 2008


I had flashbacks to my elementary schools when little girl checked the school list to see if she got "the good teacher." My experience took a little more effort on Mrs. Butterworth's part....I would make sure she knew who was my one and only choice for teacher and then she went bright and early on the first day and stood in line to get me "the good teacher." It worked every year until we didn't get to choose any more. My best friends' mothers were there, too, so we all ended up together! Little Girl just gets the luck of the draw. The buzz at the ballpark on 6/27 was that the lists were already posted. They weren't due until 7/1! OH the anticipation, and a little dread. We would not be able to stand little girl if she got "the man teacher." Above she is quickly scanning for her name..........
YES! Thank goodness~she got a good teacher and it is a woman. We may be okay after all. She got the same teacher Future Trooper had so there was certainly much advice to be given when we get home.

After further examination, 3 of her best buddies are also in Mrs. H's class! This may be the best year yet. If she can only secure the Citizenship Award for the 3rd year running...
Fast forward~last night was Open House. Little Girl said,"Mom, please bring your Angel an extra shirt in case he gets his dirty. We can at least change before Mrs. H sees him." I said,"Mrs. H knows us already~" "That is the problem" she said. We must have reached that phase where she is ashamed of us..more to come.

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anniebee said...

love your new blog look. you need to come scrapbook with us- i miss ya!

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