Friday, August 8, 2008
Okay, here is the way it is....I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. There it is...I am tired of spending my days wishing it was time to go to bed or wishing it was a weekend! I am tired of not seeing the good things for living for the bad things. I am tired of not feeling as well as I should and doing nothing about it. I am sick and tired of dreading winter when it is still the hottest part of the summer. I am sick and tired of being the support staff ~ I am sick of being average, I think I used to be better.
I am sick and tired of not having a real "best friend". I am sick and tired of living away from my family. I am sick and tired of a million other things............

Sorry to have unloaded on a Friday, but it had to be said!


Anonymous said...

we need to do lunch. soon. like Monday.

annie said...

they make a pill for that. its called zoloft. and it can be your "best friend". it works wonders. --or so i've heard. ;]

meme said...

Baby 'Nissa,

Who the hell do you think it is?

This is like the second time i have looked at your blog and i am shocked to hear you complain and that you are so hard on yourself!You are NOT average! I think you are a pretty, funny girl that i enjoy talking to. It is nice to be around a normal hahahahah person and talk about our mundane little lives! Now then, are you better?