Monday, August 4, 2008
Please, my friends, remember Big Daddy this week as he had a very bad day on Sunday.. It started very well. It was a beautiful day and we decided to go to the lake. We got all of our crap together on Saturday and were loaded bright and early Sunday morning~we should have been in church, I know the lesson NOW!
We had a fabulous day at the lake, the kids went rafting and played on the beach:we grilled hot dogs and had an all around great day. I was a little nervous when we pulled the boat out of the water. See, the last time we went our truck struggled pulling the boat out. We have had this truck for 10 years and have never had a minutes trouble, as they say. All was well this time, the tires didn't spin even one little bit!

Big Daddy likes to go the back roads and tell us about the days as a "road trooper" and points out that he worked a domestic in that house and hit the horse right about here and Skippy's people live over that direction and Cpt. John's was raised right THERE: Dr. Karl lives right there....... he was a pilot in Vietnam, did you know that? Yes, dear you remind me every time we tak the back roads. You get the point.

We were in B-ville and something went wrong. We couldn't exactly tell what was happening, Big Daddy thought it was either a drive shaft or a flat tire. I don't know what a drive shaft is so, I was voting for the tire thing. We probably had another one here somewhere.....Big Daddy takes care of stuff like that. FIRST: let me go back: we have a 27 foot pontoon boat and are pulling it! Do you know how big a 27 foot pontoon boat is? ANYWAY, we got out and the tires looked fine. We went on driving slower when BOOM~had to be the drive shaft thing. We pulled into someone's yard and Big Daddy got out to investigate. It wasn't the drive shaft thing but the tire had blown out. I got the kids out and Little Girl and Angel were sent to sit under a tree and DON'T MOVE. Future Trooper and I stood in the middle of the road and tried to keep people from running over Big Daddy as he changed the tire. Soon a fella came down the hill and asked if we needed help. BD said,"Yeah, I just need a hammer." This fella, Big Daddy says his name was Bubba and he had an IQ of about 65. This Bubba came back carrying the biggest sledge hammer I have seen in my entire life. Big Daddy got the tire changed and we went on.......I said, "Good thing we were on the back roads and not on the interstate. Okay, kids, when we get home....." Big Daddy says,"We ain't home yet." He has excellent grammar so the "ain't" must have been used for emphasis....
We get about 2 miles from home and our truck starts acting really weird again. I am worried about the drive shaft again. We see the sign for our turn off and BOOM! I look out my window and I SWEAR to you, the tire on the other side has blown out. Not the spare, mind you, but the tire on the other side. OH MY MY!
Big Daddy pulls out his trusty BlackBerry and calls post and requests a trooper to come out and help us. We eventually get in touch with another trooper and his Dad who used to be our neighbors. The Old Man was coming to our rescue. He pulls up in a two seater truck to take me and BD and the 3 kids home. Me and 2 kids left the Future Trooper and BD out on the interstate and rode home. As I type, Big Daddy, Future Trooper and Old Man are getting our van to pull the boat home, drop the boat home and hook up the car trailer and hopefully get the truck home.

Remember Big Daddy this week. And remember the people at Sam's as he tries to collect his tire warranty~there is no way they are going to believe this story.

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you should've been in church is RIGHT ... LOLOL