Friday, August 15, 2008
It was one year ago I thought I was going to lose my Future Trooper! Really, honestly, thought he was going to die. I can't imagine how people deal with such a loss. I am sure if you know us personally you remember this time, too!

It all started the second week of school last year, 6th grade, middle school. He had a stomach ache and starting up throwing up~he is NOT a puker! His sister, YES! Anyway, he wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school on a Wednesday. We went to the DR. and they concluded he had a stomach flu. He proceeded to get worse and worse until he was hospitalized on Friday. He was dehydrated and felt really bad. Big Daddy was still in Kuwait, so I called my mother (Mrs. Butterworth, to you) and she came and kept Little Girl and the Angel. There was no change in FT's condition the entire weekend and he was barely able to raise his head. On Sunday as we left the hospital, I honestly wondered if he would live much longer. I was desperate for help and didn't really know who to call. I had sort of an epiphany (divine, I have no doubt) and decided to call Dr. C, a local surgeon and father of one of future troopers' friend. He assured me that he would consult with the pediatrician (not our regular one) and see me in the morning. At least I finally had a little hope.
Monday morning finally came and he had already missed 3 days of school! His regular pediatrician came in, HUGGED ME, and assured me that something would be done quickly to treat him. She consulted with Dr. C and Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, reviewed his CAT scans and decided to send him to Kosair. I can't describe the feeling of seeing them strap him in a gurney and take him in that ambulance! I will never forget it. I stayed with him for 5 days while Mom stayed at our house, taking kids to school and maintaining our household. Sorry for the length of the story but eventually (about 5 days later) he finally got better. Initially, there seemed to be an issue with his pancreas and liver and maybe his appendix. There has been NO definitive reason for his illness, maybe an antibiotic he was taking for an ear infection, maybe a reaction to other medications! We still don't know. We DO know that he has had 2 or 3 CAT scans since and there is no evidence of the problem: pancreas looks good, appendix looks good. We have medications ready if he feels ill again~seems that is all we can do.

Sorry to ramble but my point is to "publicly" thank the people that supported us during that horrible week. Several people visited us in the local hospital as well as at Kosair in Louisville. Madgey Padgey brought me Mt. Dews and magazines and she and Ruthie coordinated food. I can't count the phone calls that were made between us! Brother Mark came to the hospital and prayed with us and undoubtedly, prayed for us. Our attorney stopped by on his way to court as well as Trooper T and his wife Lee, my buddy. Trooper T and Lee also drove to Louisville to check on us later in the week. Future Trooper's friend Austin (see the last lake post) and his mother also visited us and brought magazines.

Most of all, we appreciate the support of our family. Mrs. Butterworth for holding down the fort, Cousin Heather and Dr. Matt and Aunt Cammy for dispensing medical advice: my grandparents for their prayers! Big Daddy's neice Laurie stopped by between classes and helped to reassure Granny that he was actually getting better. It was a terrible week and I still hold on to the fear that something will happen to him but, the support I had was invaluable!

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Wow, i can't believe that was a year ago. That was scary.