Seriously, Literally, Ordinary Random Words

Friday, August 29, 2008
I guess just by virtue of their ages our kids are wide ranging in their intellect and social skills and ability to comprehend! They all do, however, have a good hold on the English language. It seems to go in fits and spurts but they each have times when they embrace a word or phrase and use in ad naseum. Since I have become aware of it, I find I may have that gene, too. Not sure but my friend, ME, says I say,"I'm just sayin'" frequently. Anyway, the kids each have their own words that they use correctly and frequently. They are as follows:

Future Trooper~random, "The teacher just says random things.""I just have some random homework"

Little Girl~seriously "You mean seriously, no really, seriously?" It sounds more like sirously.

Angel~currently has two favorites:literally "Landon hit me, literally""He doesn't like dogs literally" sounds like litterly

ordinary: "I am going to play in the ordinary yard" (Means the back yard where he always plays as opposed to the front yard where he seldom plays)

I am looking for more examples in my every day verbage (I know what you are thinking, there is a lot of verbage,SHUT UP) find other favorites.

Do you and yours have favorite lines?

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