Thursday, August 14, 2008
One day a few weeks ago, Little Girl and the Angel were bored and decided to find a new pasttime. The wanted to have a lemonade stand but upon second thought it seemed like too much work (for me, no work involved for them). They set up a free popsicle stand (beach towel.) Little Girl under the watchful eye of her brother wrote a sign for FREE POPSICLES!!
Then they fixed a TIPS jar just in case someone was inclined to tip them for the free popsicles.

Angel abandoned the game shortly and Little Girl got tired so she promptly turned over the FREE POPSICLES!!! sign and made an OUT TO LUNCH sign.
To show she was serious about it, she then ate lunch.

Mrs. Butterworth had painted her findernails a few days before and she made sure they looked good before posing for the camera.
A few minutes later she went inside and retrieved a bottle of water with the hopes of Big Daddy "overcooking" hamburgers on the grill and screaming "Water, Water." Didn't happen! Daggummit, the one time Dad didn't need water. She will do about anything for a dime.

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