Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1 comment
Or at least a school sponsored sport. I love this picture of Future Trooper buddies' in prayer before a junior high game. Sometimes they forget to fly the American flag but they never forget to pray. This very game the "star" quarterback was sidelined because of a foul mouth. WOW! I thought people didn't mind a foul mouth from a kid these days! More than one kid learned how to keep his mouth shut after seeing their star not dressed and ready to play. Way to go coaches.


Thursday, September 25, 2008 No comments
You can quote me on this: I will never understand the mind of a 12 year old boy. Last week was Future Troopers 12th birthday. He had a few friends out to the farm for a party and then 2 of the 3 spent the night at the house. As soon as they arrived they got out their Nerf guns and such and went out running through the woods screaming and "shooting" at each other. Below is one of the finer shots from the party. They are a scary bunch, aren't they? Then they dressed in full camo gear and 2 got in the go-cart and 2 ran along beside screaming! Four 12 year old girls could not have possibly "out screamed" this bunch of boys. They SAID they went to bed at 4:30 but I seriously doubt it! They got up for church pretty good on Sunday though. Ever time we had prayer, they would dutifully bow their heads and then after AMEN, I would count 1 Mississippi~2Mississippi~3Mississippi before any of the 3 raised their heads. I was afraid I would lose one of them each time we prayed. They were worn out!


Friday, September 19, 2008 1 comment

Just a few quick notes before a busy weekend:

1. Today is Future Trooper's 12 birthday! We are so blessed to have such a sweet, hard-working boy. After his health scare last year, this birthday is especially blessed! Happy Birthday, you girl friend havin' boy! I love you.

2. My cousin Courtney has a friend who's son has been sick and is undergoing surgery for a tumor. His birthday is next week: how about we all send Tyson a birthday card (his 1st birthday)? check out Courtney's blog at http://www.pcjpthompson.blogspot.com. Courtney is a wonderful Christian girl (always be a girl to me even though she is a woman) and would appreciate the effort!


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This is Big Daddy, er, I mean Angel's contribution to the preschool box a thon. The task was to make some form of transportation out of a box so the kids can run around on the playground or such......the origin of the idea for the tank is in dispute. It was my idea but I am giving Big Daddy credit because he did most of the work! The snoot, as Big Daddy called the silver gun, was a tad fragile as it was a paper towel holder only a few minutes before. Angel was the envy of many but the competition was cut throat. There were race cars and mail trucks and even a parade float made from a box. Good job Big Daddy~now get back to work on your 7th grade science project.


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I guess I am a creature of habit. Some things just need to stay the same. The normal everyday things of our lives sometimes keep me grounded and looking forward. I guess I get that from my granddaddy. When my grandmother says,"I love ya, bye bye," after EVERY phone call, I know everything else will be alright. When Big Daddy answers the phone,"Hello Doll," I know everything will be alright. When Skippy ends her sentences with just one word, COURSE, I know she knows me and everything will be alright. When I get a card from my Aunt Carla, IN HER OWN HANDWRITING,(explanation below) I know everything is ok. I discuss politics with my childhood friend, Dr. S. and we agree on every point I know I can continue on this road. If I answer my phone and someone says,"What're you doin?", I know it is my baby brother and everything is good.....I say my mother,"Will you do me a favor?" and she says YES before asking what the favor is, I know there is hope. Just some things for you to ponder............

Aunt Carla reference from above: first, she isn't my Aunt, but she would tell you that she was the second person to ever hold me and I love her dearly. She has very distinctive handwriting, sort of a cross between doctor writing and calligraphy~and send me AT LEAST a Christmas card every year. Last year, I got the card with her return address label but it was not her handwriting! Tore me up~I called Mrs. Butterworth right away and asked if she, too, got the imposter card allegedly from Aunt Carla. She had but wasn't worried. I immediately assumed she was immobile somewhere. Eventually, Mrs. Butterworth got a tad worried too and tried to call Carla. NO ANSWER. In a near panic, I e-mailed her son only to be reassured that she was fine. She had shoulder surgery and her granddaughter addressed the cards. I politely told her later to not EVER do that to me again.


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One of our rituals or traditions in our household is to measure the kids. They want a weekly (or so) tally of how tall they are......I guess having a very tall Dad gives you the incentive to strive for talldome! My dad was about short, so this is new to me. Here is the future trooper making sure he is STILL over 5 feet tall and at least taller than Aunt Cindy. Not offense Aunt Cindy, but it doesn't take a lot to overcome her vertically challenged self!

Angel usually says,"How old am I" and then is mad when we say,"4 1/2." I think we are supposed to know what he means to ask and just give him the answer he wants......


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Big Daddy's mother, hereafter known as Granny, is moving. She has lived in the same house since 1960! She is dispensing her treasures to the approriate children. She has given Big Daddy a dried flower that was presented to her when he became an Eagle Scout (35 years ago), some old toys our Angel is thrilled with as well as WWII collectibles. She also gave him the item below! We have a 50's themed game room and now it has an original seal a meal IN THE BOX. There is also an unopened box of bags that go with it. I love the ladies hairstyle and the fact that it is promoted by Arthur Godfrey! I can't wait for Granny to find some other treasures!


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Here are a few pics from the local festival parade A.K.A. The Parade That Would Never End! This parade lasted from 10am to almost 11:45 am, the longest parade in history. Angel was begging to go to the car. I said,"We can leave when we see the horses" about 100 times. Finally, the horses were seen and we were able to leave. SHEWWWW! Army men from Fort Knox~I liked the old Jeep very much!

And I was consumed with the band leader person (what are they called?). I couldn't quit watching her. Might even go to a game just to see her perform.......she's good!

Apparently the Shriners have graduated from little cars to dune buggies, I love the Shriners! My friend D said this woman was what she was going to look like when she got old! I told her she could just tuck her "cleavage" in her belt!~

Pretty girls watching the parade~in bare feet on the nasty street.

The belle of every ball, The Angel.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008 1 comment

This is hopefully the first of many girlfriends of my future trooper. He informed us last week that he had a "girlfriend", I was nearly appalled! He will be 12 in a few weeks and is WAY too young for a girlfriend. Anyway, last Thursday he asked my permission to walk to a nearby fast food place after school with her and some other friends. I said,"Of course NOT." He begged and begged and finally I said,"Okay, ask your Dad, whatever he says is fine with me." I knew Big Daddy would NEVER allow him to walk down there without parental supervision. Big Daddy turned on me and said YES. I "happened" to drive by as they were making their way to the restaurant. I gave him the "I'm looking at you" hand gesture, you know, where point at your own eyes and then at his. Apparently, this "creeped her out". Last night at the Junior High football game, Future Trooper wanted to go walk around with her and the only way I permitted him to do it was if he let me take this picture. He then told her that I was not "THAT mean ALL the time" I guess implying that I am only THAT mean PART of the time. This only confirms what I already knew~I am not ready to be the mother of an adolescent boy.