Saturday, September 13, 2008
I guess I am a creature of habit. Some things just need to stay the same. The normal everyday things of our lives sometimes keep me grounded and looking forward. I guess I get that from my granddaddy. When my grandmother says,"I love ya, bye bye," after EVERY phone call, I know everything else will be alright. When Big Daddy answers the phone,"Hello Doll," I know everything will be alright. When Skippy ends her sentences with just one word, COURSE, I know she knows me and everything will be alright. When I get a card from my Aunt Carla, IN HER OWN HANDWRITING,(explanation below) I know everything is ok. I discuss politics with my childhood friend, Dr. S. and we agree on every point I know I can continue on this road. If I answer my phone and someone says,"What're you doin?", I know it is my baby brother and everything is good.....I say my mother,"Will you do me a favor?" and she says YES before asking what the favor is, I know there is hope. Just some things for you to ponder............

Aunt Carla reference from above: first, she isn't my Aunt, but she would tell you that she was the second person to ever hold me and I love her dearly. She has very distinctive handwriting, sort of a cross between doctor writing and calligraphy~and send me AT LEAST a Christmas card every year. Last year, I got the card with her return address label but it was not her handwriting! Tore me up~I called Mrs. Butterworth right away and asked if she, too, got the imposter card allegedly from Aunt Carla. She had but wasn't worried. I immediately assumed she was immobile somewhere. Eventually, Mrs. Butterworth got a tad worried too and tried to call Carla. NO ANSWER. In a near panic, I e-mailed her son only to be reassured that she was fine. She had shoulder surgery and her granddaughter addressed the cards. I politely told her later to not EVER do that to me again.

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