Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is hopefully the first of many girlfriends of my future trooper. He informed us last week that he had a "girlfriend", I was nearly appalled! He will be 12 in a few weeks and is WAY too young for a girlfriend. Anyway, last Thursday he asked my permission to walk to a nearby fast food place after school with her and some other friends. I said,"Of course NOT." He begged and begged and finally I said,"Okay, ask your Dad, whatever he says is fine with me." I knew Big Daddy would NEVER allow him to walk down there without parental supervision. Big Daddy turned on me and said YES. I "happened" to drive by as they were making their way to the restaurant. I gave him the "I'm looking at you" hand gesture, you know, where point at your own eyes and then at his. Apparently, this "creeped her out". Last night at the Junior High football game, Future Trooper wanted to go walk around with her and the only way I permitted him to do it was if he let me take this picture. He then told her that I was not "THAT mean ALL the time" I guess implying that I am only THAT mean PART of the time. This only confirms what I already knew~I am not ready to be the mother of an adolescent boy.

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!!!! She's adorable. But you're right, no way can he be old enough for a girlfriend. Time to dig out the naked baby pics!