Friday, September 5, 2008
Here are a few pics from the local festival parade A.K.A. The Parade That Would Never End! This parade lasted from 10am to almost 11:45 am, the longest parade in history. Angel was begging to go to the car. I said,"We can leave when we see the horses" about 100 times. Finally, the horses were seen and we were able to leave. SHEWWWW! Army men from Fort Knox~I liked the old Jeep very much!

And I was consumed with the band leader person (what are they called?). I couldn't quit watching her. Might even go to a game just to see her perform.......she's good!

Apparently the Shriners have graduated from little cars to dune buggies, I love the Shriners! My friend D said this woman was what she was going to look like when she got old! I told her she could just tuck her "cleavage" in her belt!~

Pretty girls watching the parade~in bare feet on the nasty street.

The belle of every ball, The Angel.

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