Friday, October 31, 2008
Here are a few of my Halloween decorations from this season. The big bowl stays on the dining room table year round and holds seasonal items. There are the words TRICK and TREAT in the bowl now.

I love the black crow sitting on top of the candle. GEE, wonder why my lampshade looks dusty?

The pumpkins are made out of chenille bedspreads with wooden spools for the stem. Big Daddy's cat, Thunder in the window. He climbs over the black table (knocking off picture frames and decorations as he goes) Apparently he liked the black cat.

My witch hanging on the door.

My new black table and chairs (new to me, at least) with my Longaberger baskets and Hallmark decorations. I love decorating for Halloween.

Mark your calendars, I will be putting up my Christmas stuff on November 22nd. I am ready but the rest of the family is a little reluctant to help BEFORE THanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Look at Miss Crafty and Creative! You got the decorating gene for sure, I definitely missed out.

Anonymous said...

we're putting up our tree on November 22nd, too!

have a great Halloween!