Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am certainly not one that overthinks a situation! NO, I usually just say the first thing that comes into my little brain. Well, I am trying to do better. Let's all try not to say hurtful things or "sensitive" things to our children: they always repeat them anyway. Also, let's try to respect people for the life they have lived and the experiences they have had. We don't know what a person may be feeling that day or an experience they may have had 20 years ago that still shapes their personality. Come on, let's all try, just for a day or two, to not get offended or "read between lines" that are NOT there! I am not a politically correct person but sometimes LET'S JUST LET STUFF GO!

There I am done. *I am now getting off my soapbox, please come back tomorrow*

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Anonymous said...

oooh.... what did I miss?!