Monday, October 27, 2008
As the title says, some of my best friends are democrats! MP Poo is a wonderful democrat friend of mine~we agree on nothing related to politics but she has a GREAT sense of humor. She can laugh at a good cartoon. The truth is, My name is Anissa and I am a registered Democrat! There I said it. I registered a hundred years ago and didn't have a clue about either party and have never switched as my views have become more clear. Anywho, I couldn't pass up this cartoon to help us get through Halloween and the last week of the dreaded election. I am so tired of political speaches and interviews I could just SPIT. Being a southern lady, I will not~least not where you can see me.

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Laura said...

I love the comic strip- how true! The color of my living room is more yellow/gold than Tuscan Tan, although I do love the tan, in Mom's, Karen's, and Mark & Judy/ Mema & Grandaddy's home.... I think we've started a family trend.