Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have many things for which to be thankful.... here are a few...
1. Big Daddy has a good job that he loves~takes the pressure off me.
2. 3 marginally healthy kids~#1 is sick and currently sleeping on the bathroom floor, otherwise, they are healthy.
3. A good family that is concerned about my "business"
4. Good friends like Skippy and MPPoo
5. XM radio, trivial? maybe~but I love it. Especially channel 35, all Christmas music!!

That is a short list of my blessings......

OHHHH! Little girl and I are making these cookies for Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

those cookies look great! by the time you're back to blogging to tell me how easy and delicious they are, it will be December. LOLOL.

I hope whoever is sick feels better and you have a good weekend!!