I don't get it!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
I forgot, once again, that I am boycotting everything Oprah and watched her yesterday! It was all about dogs with special talents. Ya'll know how I am about dogs...... Oprah asked the audience if there was anyone who was NOT a dog lover. One lady said,"I am not." Oprah said,"What's not to like?" Anyway, Oprah and I are friends once again.

What's not to like about a dog? My stupid little chihuahuas (they share a brain, taking turns using it) are like little people on speed. BUT, I can go outside for 5 minutes and when I come back in~they are thrilled to see me! The kids don't know I have even left and THE DOGS are glad I am home.

Me? Nothing better than having a dog to cuddle up to.....(OOPS! Except Big Daddy, course) ! Nothing better than the quiet companionship and constant devotion of a dog.

My friend Dr. S has her dogs ASHES sitting on her fireplace mantle. Big Daddy rolled his eyes and said,"No, I am not digging any dog up so you can have fireplace mantle ashes, too." Like I would ask him for help digging them up!

I would be remiss without saying, just for good measure, "Phil, CWT and JPT NEED a dog, or at least a whiney old cat."


Anonymous said...

Awwwww thanks for the mention. :<} We do need a pet. Phil almost brought home a dog the other day, until he realized it only had 3 legs. :<}

Unknown said...

Heartless Phil~you got right now and find that dog!