Just for the Record

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Just for the record I am NOT the mother that:
1. Pretended that I knew what I was doing when I wrapped my angel's leg in a wash cloth with "Special warm stuff" in it so his little stick leg wouldn't hurt
2. Left the dog food I dropped on the floor in hopes that the dog would help himself. He did.
3. Gave some toys to GoodWill after telling Angel I was just "putting them in the barn" until after Christmas.
4. Bribed Little Girl to read Angel a book so I wouldn't have to climb the steps (my leg hurts, too, maybe I should try the washcloth thing)
5. Secretly wished MPPoo would not make a really cool wreath at church because I was too lazy to go and would be jealous when she told me how cute they were! She did and I was....She knows how I am......
6. Told Big Daddy that it was really my fault that his cat was outside after dark when it was really Future Trooper's fault. I don't like for my boy and husband to be at odds. Thunder was found and no coyotes were in sight and everything turned out well......
7. When Future Trooper told me he might like to be a soldier and said,"Would that be okay with you, Mom" I DID NOT say,"Sure, whatever you want to do is fine with us." Cause it is not and I don't want my baby fighting any wars. I am appreciative that he is brave enough to even consider it though.

I guess that clears that up......

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