Tuesday, December 23, 2008
At our house anytime someone says a prayer you will hear Little Girl say,"and God Bless the Soldiers." Don't forget your military people currently serving around the world or their children being without a Dad or Mom at Christmas. Two years ago, we WERE that family and it was incredibly hard on the kids. Merry Christmas! God Bless the Soldiers. Below you will can see how our soldiers spend their Christmases!


Allyson said...

Hope you had a great Christmas.

I thought about you this weekend.

We went to see Marley and Me and yes, even thought it's technically about a yellow lab (which I own one similar in nature to Marley), the end hit me particularly hard because of how much I loved my poodle.

I know I had a comment on your previous post about your beloved poodle and the ornament for it - so I wanted to warn you if you go see this movie take lots of tissues. I've lived exactly what he went through with my dog and it all came flooding back as I watched it. It was hard, but a super cute movie. I might recommend an early viewing and then immediately going to something funny afterwards.

Have a Happy New Year! And God Bless our Troops!


Unknown said...


I had my poodle from the time I was 20 until I was 36! Thought I would die when I had to have her put to sleep! I still tear up just thinking about it. We have other dogs but nothing like her.

I don't think I can take Marley and Me. Read the book and I would be "ugly" crying in the theater.