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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
1. A flaw in the face of perfection! Yesterday I went to lunch with SKippy, which I haven't done in at least 6 months. When we were done, I noticed I have a call from SR at work. She had taken my call from the preschool Angel attends. He had fallen and they were afraid he needed stitches. I went directly there and he was sitting in the office actively bleeding from his mouth. I asked what happened and he said he fell and Ms. Debi said," OH (dramatic pause) MY (longer dramatic pause) LORD." I am sure that was very comforting to a child!! Anyway, I took him to our favorite nurse and she decided to let it heal naturally without stitching it up. After the bleeding stopped it didn't look quite so bad. I took his pic to show you guys and noticed a bruising mark on the other side of his mouth. Wondering out loud, I said,"Wow, the other side looks bruised," Little Girl said,"Or maybe it was the blue sucker I gave him." CLARIFICATION: Aunt Cammy is our "all around" favorite nurse, of course. Lee Ann is our "see way too regularly" nurse. 2. Those wonderful people from RJ Corman Enterprises sent us the most lovely gift. It was a huge box of wrapping supplies. The box was marked "OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS" so we did. I was thrilled with all the red and silver (their signature colors) rolls of paper and ribbon and even some rolls of tape. What a wonderful gift! Thank you RJ Corman! We are praying for you to feel better Mr. Corman.
3. Finally, here is the picture of the chair Little Girl got from her Granny. Plus, two dumb little dogs. She is pretty cute, too. Notice the very not interested Angel watching TV in the background.

I am posting some of my Christmas pic later this afternoon. Please don't compare me to Allison at www.houseofstephens.com


Anonymous said...

Your kids crack me up!!!! Poor Angel, he's cute anyway. :<}
Love the chair! What pattern did you decide on?
What a great idea to send wrapping stuff as a gift- how clever.

Unknown said...

Decide? It will be after Christmas before I actually "decide" anything. Maybe I will put Mrs. Butterworth in charge. It will have the perfect fabric and will be back in her room before sundown.