My Decorations!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Okay, so here they are.....I love the tree. My goal is to cover the green with red and white ornaments. We can't decide if it is 10 or 12 feet tall. These are my special trees. The tree on the left are some of my favorite ornaments that I don't want to get lost on my big tree. The tree on the right is my Army/Police tree. The ornaments are some that Big Daddy brought home from the Persian Gulf.
The mantle. I should take down my carved men from El Salvador but I would miss them...

Jeweled fruit tree in the basket in the family room. It is a flat back tree "teetering" in the big basket.

Desk decorations. Please disregard the thermostat~"someone" didn't plan for the Christmas decorations when "he" placed the thermostat. I have little pictures of my poodle that died 3 years ago. If you have never had a dog for 16 years, you wouldn't understand.

The infamous bowl. The brown ornament with ears and a red/white suit in the left is a chihuahua in a Santa suit. Little Girl has it creeps her out being in the bowl. HMMMM.... OKAY, I lost the picture of the bowl.........

I collect mostly snowman ornaments and this is a really cute one. He is a hard spiky metal though he looks like Qtips to me in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous!!!!! you did a fantastic job!!! Awww, Micki....I'll never forget her.

Unknown said...

She was a sweet little poodle that I will never forget. I got her when I was 20 and she died when I was 36! I still miss her a lot.
If I say more~I may break down in an ugly cry.

Allyson said...

Wow, it's all so beautiful. I Love ALL those trees.

My favorite is the poodle ornament. I had a beloved poodle growing up and when he died 6 years ago, we bought every black poodle ornament we could find and had a "Pookie Tree" that year (since he died a few days before Christmas). He was the most wonderful pet ever and the two that we've had since are great, but just don't compare to old Pookie!

Okay, gotta stop talking about him too, or I'll be doing the ugly cry!