The Secret is out!

Monday, December 22, 2008
The secret is out! Little Girl got glasses! She got a blue pair and a pinkish/red pair about 10 days ago and was saving them for a surprise! Nobody got worked up enough for her taste though!

Also, we brought the kitty home with us. We named her Holly. There has been a lot of hissing and spitting at our home in the last 36 hours (mostly from the cats)hahahahaha

Okay, anyway~that is the update. OH, and Big Daddy "fixed" my camera much to the delight of MPPoo! She knew I was hoping for a new one!


Anonymous said...

Do we get to see pictures? I bet she's adorable!! Glasses have come a long way since Heather and I had them. :<}

Unknown said...

Me, too! The first pair I had were the size of dinner plates!Merry Christmas!