Tuesday, January 27, 2009 3 comments
Over the last few weeks I have struggled with diiaaalllluuuupppp internet! Here are some updates:
1. I have successfulle completed 3 weeks at my new job! I have gotten to know most of the kids. I admit I was not prepared for some of the struggles the kids face. One boy in particular is in the care of his aunt because his mother died and his father is not around~he is such a sweet kid and I wonder what he will become.
There are also kids that are incredibly disrespectful! Mrs. Butterworth would have smacked my mouth, but these kids don't have that discipline at home!

2. We have had three sleepovers in the last two weeks. Little Girl had someone over the last two weekends and Future Trooper had someone over last Saturday. Big Daddy said we should coin the name "eat overs" because they eat everything in sight at sleepovers.

3. We took our bunch plus an extra boy to the birthplace of Abe Lincoln. Little Girl is writing a report about Abe and it seemed like a good resource. It was the Sunday before the inaguration and I was overwhelmed with the thought
of one of our finest presidents coming from such humble roots as well as MLK day approaching and the inauguration of our first african american president as well as one of the youngest. It made me wonder what I had actually accomplished in my years!

Everyone say YIPPEE for snow days! I hate snow but snow days ie, no work days, are a different thing entirely!


Monday, January 5, 2009 1 comment

Tomorrow I am starting a new job and am SO looking forward to the change!~

I am leaving working with adults all day to working with kids all day! I will be an asst. at Little Girl's elementary school. My angel will be attending there in the fall so we will only be a few hallways apart~poor little fella, he may NEVER get rid of his mother!

Little Girl is secretly worried that I will dance inappriorately or ask her if she is wearing deodorant at the lunch table or such....I won't, at least not the first week.

Wish me luck!

Pretty blogs!

Friday, January 2, 2009 No comments
Several months ago I happened upon a blog that I now read almost every day! Erin and her husband have a wonderful adopted son and a super big family. They have had wonderful times this year as well as devastating times! I have been there through it all! (Never met Erin, but feel like a part of her family). Anyway, she is designing blogs now! You can go over to www.designerblogsbyerin.blogspot.com or just to read her family events at www.mikeerinandbryson.blogspot.com