Big Daddy

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As the ticker on the right side tells me---TODAY, Big Daddy and I have been married 17 years 3 weeks and 1 day.  The man is a saint.  He has always been a saint, I suspect, it just took me a while to catch on.....he does things for me that no man, I'm convinced, every would.  He built a doghouse for a 150 lb. dog that he didn't really like and then built a little bench to put the dogs bowl on so he didn't have to bend over to eat (you all have those, right?)   I guess I mentioned we had a 150 lb dog (actually, we've had 2 of them)! Big Daddy isn't REALLY a dog person and now when I ask politely (beg) to bring home another dog he says,"I'd rather you didn't".   He knows me, after all!  He appreciates my need to nap and my obsession with all things BOOK.
This time of year, I am especially grateful for Big Daddy.  He puts the top on my Christmas tree.  Did I mention, when we built our house he put an electrical plug in the dormer because he knew I would put a Christmas tree there?

He rarely walks past me without giving me a little kiss or at least acknowledging me!  He holds my hand in the car and keeps the fire going so I don't freeze!  Plus, he shares his bed with two chihuahuas!

Most recently, Big Daddy moved to my side of the state to be closer to "my people".  He left the house he built and the safe in the basement and his building with all of his treasures!  For that, I will be eternally grateful.  Gotta go....I need to text Big Daddy and tell him I love him!

Christmas decorations

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I have finally retrieved all of the Christmas decorations and have transformed the yellow house for Christmas....the kids are still working on the outside decorations (stayed tuned).  The front foyer, upstairs window seat, and Big Daddy's tree are ready in addition to the big tree.  I didn't get the "Christmas Tree room" I was hoping for but it has turned out well, so far.  Big Daddy's tree may be my fave this has helicopters, police cars, a tractor and a Corvette or two.  The little owl is for me, I loved him upon sight....REALLY!  More to come as the children get the rest done (bless their hearts.)

I Am Thankful For....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 1 comment
To the outside world it may appear that our household goes straight from Halloween to Christmas...I am one of those weirdos that is always happy to see the Christmas trees go up at Wal-Mart (puny as they are...).  This year was like every other. Future Trooper carted off the corn shocks and pumpkins on the very same day, I carted out the Snowman flag and dragged out the lights.  That was 3 days ago and our house has successfully traded witches for snowmen......BUT, we are very much a Thanksgiving kind of family.  We will be celebrating at Mrs. Butterworth's house (bed and breakfast, really) with several family members from out of town.  We will gorge ourselves on mashed potatoes and gravy and coconut cake (Karen E. II, don't forget the cake, thanks) and then we will lie on the couch and remember the last 40 years of Thanksgiving celebrations. This feels like a multi-post week...I am feeling thankful and you will be forced to read why...

There's No Question

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Yesterday, Big Daddy,  the kids and I went to Preston Court Days.  We had a wonderful time shopping for crafts, the boys looked at guns and knives and Little Girl found the "most awesomeness" of purses and a matching wallet! As we walked down the rows of booths we saw chickens, ducks, bunnies and PUPPIES!  Yes, PUPPIES....  we saw a chihuahua, a beagle and even dachshunds!  My Angel stopped at each cage or pen and pet each dog and whispered in their ears before I pulled him away.  We stopped to eat hotdogs and my Angel said,"Mama, I just can't TAKE IT!"  I couldn't imagine what could possibly be that serious....and HE SAID,"All these dogs and I can't take any of them home."  There is no question--he is MY CHILD! I'll tell you about the goats once I get over the disappointment of it all........

Sights from a Pumpkin Farm

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 Big Daddy and I accompanied a certain first grade class to the Pumpkin Farm.....We had great fun, ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and thanked the Lord we had not become first grade the pumpkin farm, we saw......
Corn shocks (are they shocks if they are still standing, I don't know),

Baby goats in a feeding trough...I yearn for baby goats. If anyone has an extra baby goat or two, please drop it off at my new house (its the yellow one on the left)

Lots of first graders doing things they probably shouldn't. A certain little boy (one that DIDNT have my last name) was climbing on a hay bale that had a sign that stated: CLIMB THROUGH, NOT ON.
I said,"See the sign?  You aren't supposed to climb ON."  He replied,"But I can't read."  He had a point there.

AND, of course, scads of pumpkins and gourds. The gourds remind me of my friend Libby who makes the most wonderful crafts from gourds!
I found out after we left the Pumpkin Farm that my Angel found the perfect pumpkin for his dad and had a lady write Bid Daddy's name on the bottom with a magic marker---only to discover that it wasn't the "perfect" choice and ditch it by the path. Don't be surprised it you visit our patch and see a certain "nearly perfect" pumpkin with Big Daddy's name on the bottom.  Feel free to mark it out and add your own name!  Happy Fall!


Fall in the Country

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Fall Frontporch Picture #38 (no kidding)

Houses, Heat, Horses and Staples

Saturday, August 14, 2010 2 comments
The Summer of 2010 will forever be know as the summer of a new house, intense heat, horse neighbors and staples....
We moved to a new house...okay, so we are is a process for us.

the heat in beautiful Eastern KY has been intense, upwards of 100 degrees several days...too hot to go swimming even!
We are so lucky to have "animal people" for our closest neighbors..they hoped for one kind of neighbors, "dog people"--boy, they hit the jackpot--so did we! They also have horses and Angel has become a horse whisperer..he claps his hands and one of these beauties come to the fence....
AND we have experienced staples up close and personal..really, I'm surprised it has taken this long for ANGEL to have a gaping wound that requires a trip to the ER and staples....
Now that you are up to post will be house pictures!  TTYL

The Jasper Chronicles

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It all started in March of 2009!   Let's go back....Big Daddy knows the love I had for a tiny poodle and how I grieved (who am I kidding, I am still grieving) when she died...

I am constantly "studying" dogs and dog breeds and was intrigued by labradoodles and goldendoodles, sounded too good to be true.  One day, Big Daddy called me and said,"I'm going to David's to get THAT DOG."  HUH?????  He swears we discussed THAT DOG, trust me, I would remember.....this is how is went down:

1. I came home from work and there was Big Daddy and THAT DOG sitting in the seat of the truck.
2.  I loved him!  Large yellow goldendoodle!
3.  We didn't know a whole lot about him but we were convinced he was perfect!
4.  He was barked at my mean hateful chihuahuas and ignored by the best dog ever--I felt sorry for him. 
5.  He began his tricks one day when Big Daddy went to work...Jasper, like a thief in the night, slipped onto the bed beside me.  (seems he slept in the bed at his former residence)
6.  He rode to school and Nana's with us (they must have ridden him around in the car).
FAST FORWARD UNTIL JULY 4th........I finally meet the "lady" that gave him is how it happened:
Her: How is Jasper?
Me:  Good, he sleeps in our bed and rides in the car, blah, blah, blah
Her: Really???? He wasn't allowed in our house, he slept in the garage....
WE WERE SNOOKERED!  He led us to believe he was a pampered dog and he spent his life in a garage....too late to turn back now.

The "AFTER" of Granny's Chair---FINALLY

Saturday, July 10, 2010 1 comment
Before:  Remember the chair Granny gave Little Girl in December of 2008???

Here is the final product....funny thing....I didn't realize until just a minute ago that we ended up with the exact same fabric I had on my blog......didn't have a clue.  Weare thrilled with the final product. I was very expensive but we are hoping she will pass it along to her grandchildren. Thanks Granny.

It Is Weighing On Me!!!

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Okay, here is how it went down....I can barely sleep just considering the consequences of it all....

At a recent 4th of July party my 6 year old book reading angel saw his elementary school LIBRARIAN and he said,"Hey Ms. Strudel, how many books have you read??" (Her name is not Strudel but she got married recently and apparently he couldn't recall either her maiden or married names...)

She replied,"Hundreds.." and smiled. I, on the other hand, GASPED..HUNDREDS of a WHOLE lifetime????WHAT? I probably read about 100-150 EVERY YEAR!

I haven't been able to stop thinking about which wonderful books she HAS NOT read....she probably knows Scout and Boo Ridley in To Kill a Mockingbird (she went to High School, after all)..BUT.....

she probably hasnt:

cried when Clay opened the box with his quilt in Clay's Quilt by Silas House, OR
bawled the UGLY cry when grandpa sewed roses into the burlap to line Grandma's grave in Cold Sassy Tree, by Olive Ann Burns, OR
does she even know the merits of both Joe Merelli and Ranger in the Stephanie Plum series??? Does she even know about Grandma Mazur?

It has been hard for me NOT to e-mail her a suggested summer reading would surely include:
1. Cold Sassy Tree, my favorite
2. Every Fannie Flagg book, NOT THE MOVIES
3. the Miss Julia series by Ann Ross, maybe she doesn't know Hazel Marie is expecting twins with Mr. JD Pickens!!!!!
4. She could start with Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama
5. The whole darn Mitford series!

It pains me to think she is a librarian and has only read hundreds of list grows longer daily....she probably doesn't like dogs either!

It Goes Without Saying.....

Monday, January 25, 2010 2 comments
In my extended family, some things go without saying, like:
1. Will there be mashed potatoes? Of course, everybody eats mashed potatoes with nearly every meal!!!! Several of us went to Cracker Barrel and the waitress asked Granddaddy if he was ready to order..he was and said,"I'll have chicken and dumplins," and closed his menu..the waitress said,"What side would you like?" Granddaddy looked around the table and said,"What do you mean, I thought is was understood that mashed potatoes came with chicken and dumplins." It is just understood that any time we are together, there will be mashed potatoes.

2. Watching the family are diehard Kentucky Wildcat fans. If you call during the ballgame and say,"Whatcha doin?" the answer will ALWAYS be,"Watching the ballgame," there is never a need to explain who is playing or who is winning, as they are probably "watching the ballgame, too"......A few years my husband asked my great aunt which team we were cheering for, the blue or red, and he was given the death look! He didn't realize EVERYBODY cheers for the blue team.

In our family there are also some things we DO say that may not be common in other families:
1. I Love You, no matter the relationship, grandparents/grandchildren, aunt/niece, the conversations ends with either, I love you or Love you'all... About a week ago, my manly uncle (even though he wears nail polish), said,"Love you'all" before hanging up...every conversation ends that way.
2. How much did that cost? If a house or car is bought, someone will probably say,"How much you pay for that?" No need to get offended, just answer the question...they probably know the rest of your business anyway.

Talk to you soon, love you all!!


Some Things Never Change

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OK, some things never change--- though most things around here are constantly changing. The cast of characters is the same, with a couple of additions... lots of things are similiar and several things are in a state of upheaval....same as everyone, I guess.

1. Big Daddy and I have celebrated our 16th anniversary and the anniversary of the 20th year we have known each other. He continues to work toward a mission....reach the time of retirement with a smile on his face. Seems we are happier at this very minute than ever..
2. I am currently not working, at least not a job I have to leave home for..taking kids to school, take the dogs outside, pick up the kids, take the dogs out--anything else I accomplish is icing on the cake.
3. The Future Trooper has grown a foot and it attached to his cell phone and its texting capablilties.
4. Little Girl is thriving in school but dealing with a tad of the "mean girls" time in life. She received a Slimed Dell mini for Christmas is trying out its bells and whistles. She has started playing basketball and is enjoying it.
3. The Angel is halfway through kindergarten and is officially a reader. He writes me notes telling how much he loves me.
4. We have added two new members to our family. Jasper, a goldendoodle, was brought home by Big Daddy (no kidding) in March and we have adjusted swimmingly..he's very smart and terribly spoiled. He sleeps on the bed more times than not and we pretend not to notice how big he really is. Piper, a long haired dachshund pound puppy, has been with us since September and is spoiled rotten. She has chewed several lamp cords and has torn the fringe from my "good pillows." We love her anyway.

We have gone public with our plans to move to Eastern Ky..we are actively in negotiations to buy a house. It's a painful process and that is after the money is acquired! People are funny when it comes to selling their property, all I'm saying.. Our realtor is a pit bull (in a wonderfully good way) and helps us at every turn.

I feel better already knowing before long we will officially be residents of the Daniel Boone National Forest, the 606 area code and a just around the corner from my favorite people. Daily I am reassured that it is the right thing to do and I am anxious to have it DONE! Talk to you soon